Leafbuyer.com Brings Online Pot Shopping To The Cannabist

COLORADO:  Leafbuyer.com, a selected-deals website, announced that it has been selected by The Cannabist as its official deals partner.

Beginning August 2016, a new online widget will allow users to find Leafbuyer deals on cannabis-related products without ever leaving The Cannabist’s website. Consumers will benefit from the sophisticated tool that aggregates cannabis deals into an easy to use online application.

The new feature allows visitors to search for marijuana flower and concentrate deals at dispensaries and exclusive deals at grow stores or head shops. Leafbuyer will roll out the feature to all readers of thecannabist.co website and will broadcast deals in their top 12 markets. More markets will be brought online in the next 3 to 6 months. The Leafbuyer deals database is the largest in the cannabis market, with nearly 10,000 active offers.