Ohio Board of Pharmacy Awards Dispensary Certificate of Operation in Columbus

OHIO:  The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy today awarded a Dispensary Certificate of Operation to Strawberry Fields, located at 2950 E Main St., Columbus.

The Board has now issued 54 Dispensary Certificates of Operation.
The interactive map of Dispensaries with Certificates of Operation will be updated within two business days.

Ohio Board of Pharmacy Publishes Updated Patient & Caregiver Numbers for May 2021

OHIO:  The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy today published updated patient & caregiver numbers for May 2021.

These numbers include:

  • 296,488 Recommendations
  • 207,105 Registered patients
    • 13,020 Patients with Veteran Status
    • 14,388 Patients with Indigent Status
    • 806 Patients with a Terminal Diagnosis
  • 166,966 Unique patients who purchased medical marijuana (as reported to OARRS by licensed dispensaries)
  • 22,784 Registered Caregivers.

For the full list of program numbers, please visit the Program Update page.

Ohio Board of Pharmacy Publishes Updated Patient & Caregiver Numbers for April 2021

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy today published updated patient & caregiver numbers for April 2021. These numbers include:

  • Recommendations
  • 197,816 Registered patients
    • 12,612 Patients with Veteran Status
    • 13,870 Patients with Indigent Status
    • 779 Patients with a Terminal Diagnosis
  • 158,397 Unique patients who purchased medical marijuana (as reported to OARRS by licensed dispensaries)
  • 21,989 Registered Caregivers

For the full list of program numbers, please visit the Program Update page.

Ohio Board of Pharmacy Awards 58th Provisional Dispensary License

OHIO: The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy awarded a provisional dispensary license to Buckeye Relief, located at 1782 Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights.

In June 2018, the Board had issued 56 provisional dispensary licenses. Additional provisional dispensary licenses were awarded in December 2019 and May 2020.
Currently, the Board of Pharmacy has issued 52 Certificates of Operation.



Ohio Board of Pharmacy to Allocate Additional Provisional Dispensary Licensees

OHIO:  On April 19, 2021, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy approved increasing the number of dispensary licenses in Ohio by 73. If all 73 licenses are awarded, this will bring the total number of dispensary licenses to 130 (57 current + 73 approved).

A copy of the presentation can be accessed here: www.pharmacy.ohio.gov/RFA2overview
A frequently asked questions document can be accessed here: www.pharmacy.ohio.gov/RFA2FAQ
Next Steps: The licenses will be awarded using an application process (known as RFA II) that is expected to be announced in spring/summer 2021. The timing of this announcement will be based on when the Board’s pending rule changes regarding the application process are made final.
As previously done, RFA II will require applicants to specify the district(s) wherein they are applying, and provisional dispensary licenses will be awarded based on those districts. The districts will remain the same as in the previous RFA. Dispensary applications will then be evaluated to determine who is a qualified applicant.
As indicated in the presentation, all viable applications will then be entered into a lottery system, wherein individual lotteries will be held for each dispensary district with available licenses. A lottery system for qualified applicants requires the Board to consider objective, rather than subjective, criteria which can result in a fairer, more streamlined system for awarding dispensary licenses.
More information on RFA II will be posted to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program website (www.medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov) when the application process is announced in spring/summer 2021. Those who are interested are encouraged to sign up for updates on the Program’s homepage.

Ohio Board Of Pharmacy Files Amended Program Rules With The Common Sense Initiative Office


OHIO:  The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy has filed amended program rules with the Common Sense Initiative Office (CSI). Those impacted by the proposed rules may submit comments to CSI and the Board for review until close of business on April 2, 2021.

The CSI Business Impact Analysis, the amended rule text, and instructions on how to provide comments are available on the Board of Pharmacy’s proposed rules page (under the Common Sense Initiative header): www.pharmacy.ohio.gov/proposed.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program Mandatory Product Recall – 3/16/21

OHIO:  The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) is issuing a mandatory product recall on plant material sold to dispensaries by processor, GTI Ohio, LLC. This recall is being initiated by the MMCP because the product did not receive the full battery of required testing prior to being sold at dispensaries. The recalled products were not tested for heavy metals and mycotoxins. The MMCP is investigating this matter and will issue an executive summary at the conclusion of the investigation.

Product Name:
  • “& Shine” Select Grind Lightly Ground Trim – Strain Name Koala Mints
  • “& Shine” Select Grind Lightly Ground Trim – Strain Name Blueberry Cheesecake
  • “& Shine” Select Grind Lightly Ground Trim – Strain Name Wedding Cake
Purchase Dates: February 15, 2021 – Present
Products Purchased from: RISE Dispensary (Cleveland), RISE Dispensary (Lakewood), RISE Dispensary (Lorain), and RISE Dispensary (Toledo)
Processor Name: GTI Ohio LLC
Product ID:
  • M00000144218: Tier 1 Vap-Hybrid-13.6-0-14.15
  • M00000145710: Tier 1 Vap-Hybrid-21.1-0-14.15
  • M00000145715: Tier 1 Vap-Hybrid-14.5-0-14.15
  • M00000146514: Tier 1 Vap-Hybrid-21.6-0-14.15
No reports of adverse reactions for this product have been reported to the MMCP at this time.
Patients who have purchased the recalled product should stop using it. All unused product should be returned to the dispensary where purchased. Returned products will not count toward a patient’s 90-day possession limit. For more information on returns, please contact the dispensary where the product was purchased.
Anyone who thinks that they may be experiencing serious or life-threatening issues should seek immediate medical attention. Patients are reminded that any adverse reactions should be reported to the MMCP toll-free helpline (1-833-464-6627).

Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee March 2021 Meeting Notice

Update from the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program



March 25, 2021

10:00 a.m.

OHIO: The Advisory Committee meeting will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.  Instructions to access the Teams Meeting will be posted here the morning of March 25, and via email update.
To register for email updates please visit our website.
NOTE: The Advisory Committee will not be accepting testimony or public comments at this meeting. Public comment can be submitted at: www.medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov/contactus.

Cresco Labs Closes Acquisition of Verdant Creations’ Four Dispensaries, Reaches Maximum Retail Licenses in Ohio

ILLINOIS:  Cresco Labs, one of the largest vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis operators in the United States, announced today the closing of its acquisition of Verdant Creations dispensaries in Cincinnati, Chillicothe, Newark and Marion, Ohio (collectively “Verdant”). These acquisitions give Cresco four additional dispensaries, bringing the Company’s dispensary presence in Ohio to five – the maximum allowed by the state.

The Verdant acquisition is aligned with Cresco’s strategy of building meaningful, material market positions in the states that matter most. As the seventh most populated state in the U.S., Ohio has a registered medical patient count that more than doubled in 2020 from roughly 78,000 patients to 160,000, in addition to 52 operational dispensaries statewide and 2020 annual cannabis sales of nearly $220 million1. Cresco Labs is well positioned in the market with the largest type of cultivation license allowing 25,000 sq. ft. of cultivation, a full processing facility currently under expansion, and now the maximum number of retail locations allowed by the state. Additionally, the Company distributes its flower product to 88% of Ohio’s dispensaries and is excited to bring its full House of Brands to market following the completion of it’s processing and manufacturing facility later this year.

“In 2020, we demonstrated the growth and leverage that can be created by focusing only on the most strategic markets, executing high-quality cultivation at scale, distributing our branded products onto every shelf and focusing on targeted, consumer-focused, high-volume retail. In 2021, we’re using the same playbook to go deeper in strategic states, including Ohio,” said Charlie Bachtell, Cresco Labs’ CEO and Co-founder. “The Verdant acquisition significantly deepens our position in Ohio, a market that looks structurally similar to Illinois and Pennsylvania in the early years of those medical markets. We are thrilled to be amplifying our operations in Ohio this year and look forward to bringing our brands to more patients throughout the state.”

Cresco Labs’ five Ohio dispensaries are located in Cincinnati, Chillicothe, Marion, Newark, and Wintersville. The Company also has a cultivation and processing facility in Yellow Springs.