Ohio To Vote On Marijuana Legalization In November

OHIO: The Buckeye state will put pot legalization to the ballot on Nov. 3, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted confirmed.

Putting marijuana legalization on the ballot took a couple tries: Ohio’s first attempt failed, but pro-pot advocate group ResponsibleOhio, a driving force behind the initiative, pulled through with the minimum 305,591 signatures. The group’s investors pledged to spend at least $20 million to convince Ohioans to vote for legalization.

If the measure passes, however, legalization might take a while: in June, the Ohio Legislature hurriedly placed a measure, Issue 2, that prohibited “a monopoly, oligopoly or cartel” in Ohio of federally-controlled substances like marijuana. The ResponsibleOhio initiative calls for a limit to pot production by ten farms, which state legislators argue might constitute an oligopoly.