The Marijuana Industry's Latest 'It Product': 'Dabs'

The July 2013 cover of High Times featured dabs, a concentrated form of marijuana

CALIFORNIA: It’s become a daily occurrence. Customers visit Hugs Alternative Care, a medical-marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, Calif., and ask for “dabs.” They are referring to butane hash oil, an especially potent form of marijuana, also known as “honey,” “honey oil,” “wax” or “earwax” because of its sticky, amber-colored appearance.

Good News For World’s Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Judge James’ ruling allows the City of Oakland to continue its legal action to protect public health and safety from the misguided attacks of US Attorney Melinda Haag."

Harborside Health Center won a significant victory earlier this week in their battle against the feds. As the world’s largest medical marijuana dispensary, everyone should be closely following the Harborside/feds case, as the process and decisions that come out of it will no doubt be used in other cases. Below is a press release that Read the full article…

State Battles Federal Government for Independence in Medical Marijuana Case

Harborside Health Oakland

CALIFORNIA: Magistrate Maria-Elena James ruled that a cannabis dispensary in Oakland, CA, is free to stay open while local authorities fight federal prosecution to shut it down, reports Reuters. The ruling came in on July 3rd, just under the wire for local supporters of the Harborside Health Center to celebrate their temporary medical marijuana freedom on the Read the full article…