Marijuana Legalization Could Suffer A Setback In Weed-Friendly Colorado

Homeowners in a Vancouver Island community are raising a stink about a medical marijuana grow operation they say is driving down their property values.

COLORADO:  The ACLU has come out against proposed regulations in Denver, Colorado that would criminalize use of the legal drug by making the “smell” of marijuana illegal. These unconstitutional rules create an environment where people are can possess the drug, but still may face legal consequences.

Nullification Everywhere

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco reported Sunday that exposure to secondhand marijuana smoke produced similar to results found with secondhand tobacco smoke.

WASHINGTON: Washington and Colorado are getting lots of love on the left for legalizing recreational marijuana use. The states are especially looking like winners now that the Obama administration has announced that as long as they set up a “tightly regulated market” for pot sales, it won’t send DEA agents and prosecutors after the newly emboldened Read the full article…