Freedom Leaf To Open CBD Oil Extraction Facility In Las Vegas

NEVADA: Freedom Leaf  today announced that it has agreed to purchase CO2 Supercritical Extraction equipment for legal hemp CBD extraction from NuAxonTech, the producer of world class, large capacity Co2 Supercritical Extraction equipment.

Clifford J. Perry, Freedom Leaf CEO, explained, “As part of our strategic business model, the equipment will be installed in Las Vegas this week and will be used by Freedom Leaf to process locally grown raw (low THC, less than .03) industrial hemp from this year’s harvest into cannabinoid (CBD) extracts for the booming Nevada cannabis/hemp market. It may also be used to process EU Certified rare cannabinoid Hemp from Freedom Leaf’s own newly acquired production facilities in Spain.”

In a previous press release, Perry stated, “With this transformative acquisition in Spain, Freedom Leaf has become a major participant not only in the booming CBD (cannabidiol) industry, but in many other aspects of the global hemp industry. Current product development projects include research into rare cannabinoids, CBD drinks, phytocannabinoid oil, hemp seed oil, hemp fabric for footwear and furniture, etc…”

In addition, the facility will also be used as a showcase for NuAxon’s CO2 Supercritical Extraction equipment. Freedom Leaf is NuAxon’s exclusive global distributor for the cannabis/hemp industry, and it expects prospective buyers from around the world to come to Las Vegas to see how the equipment works.

The Las Vegas Sun reported Friday July 7th that Russell Wilhelm, the Nevada Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Program Manager, says the state is setting up the new industrial hemp regulations and hemp production is expected to double in Nevada this year and is projected to keep growing with the Legislature’s passage of Senate Bill 396, which allows for industrial hemp farming, testing and selling. Last year, Nevada had only 250 acres in production, while Colorado had over 9,000 acres.

“With the passing of SB396, we actually have the opportunity to now start producing industrial hemp seed in the state of Nevada, one, and then two, the other significant opportunity after that is going to be the ability to sell industrial hemp-based products in retail venues in the state,” Wilhelm said.

The Sun quotes a local hemp farmer saying that Nevada needs to beef up its industrial-level processing. Much of last year’s yield went unused, or had to be sent out of state to be processed.