The Emerald Triangle, Sonoma & Del Norte Participate In First-Ever Research Study Of Northern California’s Cannabis Economy






CALIFORNIA:  Northern California’s cannabis industry will become the focus of a pioneering study examining the economic impact of industry upon the region.  The Humboldt Community Business Development Center (HCBDC), has partnered with the California Center for Rural Policy at Humboldt State University, and Sonoma State University for a comprehensive look into the impact of cannabis farming, manufacturing, distribution, and retail sales on the overall economy of a research area which includes the legendary Emerald Triangle (Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino counties).  The HCBDC will develop the study through a grant from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.

“It is widely understood that cannabis is a significant economic driver in rural northern California, yet four years into the regulation, legalization, and taxation of California’s cannabis industry we still do not have real, data-driven research and analysis on what is the true economic impact of the cannabis industry,” says Natalynne DeLapp, HCBDC Executive Director.  “This grant will provide resources to answer long-standing questions, will help establish a baseline by which to measure the economic health of the cannabis industry, and by which public policies can be evaluated for efficacy for years to come.”

A chief cash crop in the area for decades, there has never been a thorough analysis of the role of cannabis to the local economy of rural Northern California. The study which also encompasses Del Norte and Sonoma counties will begin to harvest data in early 2021 on such issues as the impact of cannabis on the private and the public sectors, cannabis prices on the licensed and unlicensed markets, job creation, and taxes and government and administrative costs.  Some of the questions this  study will seek to address include:

  • How much cannabis is produced by the North Coast cannabis community?

  • How much is the region contributing to California’s GDP?

  • How long have businesses been in the community and how much do they contribute to state and local taxes?

  • How many people are employed; how much is paid in wages?

  • How much are cannabis businesses paying in licenses, permits, and fees?

“This proposal helps policymakers, advocates, private business, and local residents understand the economics and business aspects of the cannabis business as a combination of agriculture and manufacturing with supply-chain partners to deliver goods to retail and customers,” says economics professor Robert Eyler, Dean, Sonoma State University’s School of Extended and International Education, who will be leading the study.  “This framing gets us away from the conversation of illegality and about how these businesses (similar to the wine or craft brew industries) harvest a crop that becomes a manufactured product.”

“For decades, rural northern California counties have incorporated the cannabis economy as an unplanned economic development strategy. This research will help these jurisdictions formulate long-term strategies to incorporate a significant, previously illegible, sector of their economies into a more sustainable, resilient future for their communities,” says Dominic Corva, Co-Director, Humboldt Interdisciplinary Institute for Marijuana Research (HIIMR), Humboldt State University.

6th Annual Northern Nights Releases Next Artist Additions & Activations

Emancipator, Mr. Carmack, Thomas Jack, and Sage The Gemini join Dirtybird Players

CALIFORNIA: Deep in the heart of NorCal’s renowned Emerald Triangle lies the crown jewel of the West Coast festival camping circuit, Northern Nights Music Festival (NNMF), set to take place amongst the redwoods this July 20-22, 2018. Embarking on its sixth journey around the sun, NNMF has announced its next artist additions featuring Emancipator, Mr. Carmack, and Thomas Jack as top headliners.

Having previously announced the Dirtybird Players (Justin Martin, Walker & Royce, Ardalan, Worthy b2b Option4) as the first tastemakers to join this year’s gathering, NNMF has worked to curate arguably the most dynamic lineup in its colorful, progressive history. Those venturing to the breathtaking Redwood forest of Cook’s Valley Campground will dance the weekend away to a soundtrack constructed by legends of the underground and a master class of beatmakers from across the globe, which include Brasstracks (Grammy Award Winners), Sage The Gemini (Bay Area Hip Hop Legend), Grand Tapestry (Eligh from Living Legends and Alam Khan, son of the legendary Sarode Maestro Ali Akbar Khan), Jack Beats (Night Bass), and Bad Royale (California Dancehall Producers) plus over 90 additional artists.

Beyond the roster of talent, attendees can look forward to a takeover by Los Angeles-born production powerhouse Brownies & Lemonade All Stars whose underground parties have grown into full blown spectacles of epic proportions, always delivering the very best vibes and the freshest beats. Frequent special guests of Brownies & Lemonade have included names such as Anna Lunoe, Madeon, ETC!ETC!, GTA, Wuki — Look forward to a non-stop dance party and maybe just a few surprises when the B&L crew comes to play.

Pioneers within the festival circuit for honoring the Emerald Triangle’s thriving cannabis industry, renowned for beachside dance parties and afternoon swims, Northern Nights is [legally] high in vibes and an annual weekend not to be missed for both city dwellers and locals alike. Working with new partner The Emerald Cup, NNMF will provide attendees a culturally-fused, elevated experience at one of the world’s most stunning outdoor festival venues, Cook’s Valley Campground on the Humboldt / Mendocino County Line.

Under the towering California Redwoods and on the banks of the South Fork Eel River (Mendocino / Humboldt County Line), NNMF will take place the weekend of July 20-22, 2018. Tickets are available online or can be picked up at the following Mendocino/Humboldt County local retailers: One Log Tree Lounge Dispensary, Area 101, Humboldt Republic, Wildberries Marketplace, and People’s Records.

Northern Nights Activations: Beyond The River & The Lasers

Screenshot 2018-07-02 14.09.51

The Bunker Stage – A newcomer last year to the Northern Nights’ ever expanding series of immersive environments, the Bunker Stage has moved from a renegade stage into the spotlight as a showcase for Tech House, Playa-Tech, and surprise sets. Tucked into the massive hill, The Bunker Stage is a natural amphitheater that overlooks the river. Last year it played host to the Living Legends, Justin Jay plus many other NNMF alums. Be sure to stop by this year and see who’s hitting the decks!

The Grove – In the heat of the day, sun dwellers seek refuge in the cool shade of the redwoods surrounded by the lavishly curated and decorated Grove Stage. This sanctuary and artistic playground hosts a distinct and interactive theme each year. 2017’s Underwater Cove immersed festival goers amongst mermaids and aboard a pirate ship built in the trees. This offered the perfect spot to view midnight burlesque shows, groove to live bands and listen to unplugged acoustic sets from NN Main Stage Performers. The Grove Stage is an engaging experience and considered to be the “Heart of Northern Nights”. This year, the Grove will continue to flourish with imaginative production and a creative talent lineup.

Silent Disco – Presented by HushConcerts, the Silent Disco has grown to become one of the most beloved activations at Northern Nights Music Festival and the largest on the West Coast. HushConcerts has been a longtime partner of NNMF, having worked with the festival since its inaugural year.

Purple Nights Art Gallery – A relaxed environment for community celebration, the Purple Nights Art Gallery is a thoughtfully curated space presented by Purple Couch. Designed for chill appreciation of art and music, the gallery offers attendees a chance to view the works of incredible glass artists from California and beyond in addition to colorful visual installations.




Northern California's Illegal Marijuana Trade Takes Deadly Toll

CALIFORNIA: A youthful adventurer raised in Sonoma County. A Colorado entrepreneur. A former stockbroker from New York.

The three men, who were killed in February during a suspected pot robbery in Forestville, are among at least 18 people who have died since 2006 in Sonoma and Mendocino counties under circumstances involving the sale and cultivation of marijuana. [Read more…]

Northern California's Illegal Marijuana Trade Takes Deadly Toll

CALIFORNIA: A youthful adventurer raised in Sonoma County. A Colorado entrepreneur. A former stockbroker from New York.

The three men, who were killed in February during a suspected pot robbery in Forestville, are among at least 18 people who have died since 2006 in Sonoma and Mendocino counties under circumstances involving the sale and cultivation of marijuana. [Read more…]