New Party Bus In Denver Caters To Pot Smokers

COLORADO: The High There! Hopper is a free mobile marijuana lounge. The owners say the goal is to keep people off the road who are using pot. They say the bus is completely legal.

The company does not give people pot — they have to bring their own.

“This is what freedom looks like in Colorado in 2016; groups of people getting together, enjoying each other’s company and consuming cannabis in a safe, responsible, legal manner,” said Robert Corry, an attorney who supported legalizing recreational marijuana.

Marijuana Advocates Portray Portland Pot Smokers At Their Most Wholesome

OREGON:  You run a TV station in Topeka and you want to illustrate a story about people who smoke marijuana.  How do you find some good footage on deadline?

The Drug Policy Alliance, which helped finance marijuana legalization campaigns in Oregon and Washington, would like you to use of its new background videos of pot smokers in Portland.

And we’re not talking about Keep-Portland-Weird stoners, either.  Think average-looking folks lighting up with friends over a board game. Or a couple cozying up on a couch with a pot-fueled vape pen.


Rabbi Says It’s Kosher To Smoke Weed During Passover

Passover begins tonight, April 3, and continues through April 11, which means that a large portion of the Jewish population won’t be consuming anything made with grains. While beer and liquor drinkers may be out of luck, those who smoke cannabis are in the clear.

New York City-based rabbi Ben Greenberg, who was head of a Denver-based synagogue when the state of Colorado legalized marijuana, explains that “there are really two different layers of prohibitions during passover. One of them is specific to the Ashkenazi Jew community, and the other one is the biblical prohibition, which is that you can’t have any leaven—no grains. The additional layer of prohibition is that European Jews, about a hundred years ago, added that you can’t have anything that might look like a grain. So they don’t eat beans or rice on Passover.”

Main Denver Airport Bans Sale Of Marijuana-Themed Souvenirs

COLORADO:  Tourists who fly to Colorado to try legal pot can forget about buying souvenir boxer shorts, socks or sandals with a marijuana leaf on them when passing through the Denver airport.

The airport has banned pot-themed souvenirs, fearing the kitsch could taint the state’s image.

Marijuana possession and any pot-related advertising were already forbidden. Airport executives extended the ban this month after a retailer sought a free-standing kiosk to sell the boxer shorts and similar items that played off Colorado’s place as the first state to allow recreational marijuana sales.

Airport officials feared the souvenirs would send the wrong message.

“We don’t want marijuana to be the first thing our visitors experience when they arrive,” airport spokesman Heath Montgomery said.