Unexpected Delivery Of $40,000 Worth Of Marijuana Arrives On Uptown Resident’s Porch

LOUISIANA: An Uptown resident was stunned to find an estimated $40,000 worth of marijuana in a package addressed to his home Tuesday morning, and he and his family are disturbed by the mystery of who sent it and why as they hope for answers from federal investigators, he said.

The man — who lives near Soniat and Cucullu streets but whose name is being withheld by Uptown Messenger — said his dog started barking around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, signalling that someone was at the door, and when he opened it he saw his usual postal carrier walking away and a package on his porch.

“It was all taped up like Fort Knox,” he said.

When he got the top open, he saw what appeared to be a large quantity of marijuana — the shipping label said the package weighed 8.4 pounds, he said. He immediately called police, and when detectives from the NOPD major-case narcotics unit arrived, they counted into evidence what appeared to be seven or eight large packages or marijuana from inside the box and said it appeared to be of good quality, he said.

The shipping address was definitely the recipient’s home, although the name on the package was a strange variation on the spelling of his name, he said. The box had a return address in Washington state, and it had been sent via overnight delivery, he said.