Stopping Medical Marijuana Won’t Make Chris Christie President

NEW JERSEY: Since then-governor John Corzine signed it into law in January 2010, New Jersey’s medical marijuana program has been a thorn in Chris Christie’s side. It’s been ignored, railed against, tacitly allowed, barely instituted and red-taped to death, all within the span of Christie’s term in office, and all by the man himself. Christie’s reluctance was reiterated again this week, with the governor — presidential hopes for 2016 clearly in mind — saying again that he won’t have Jersey end up like Colorado or California. At this point, though, the comparison would be a compliment.

“I am not going to turn this into a place where people fly into Newark airport, drive someplace, claim to have a migraine from a quack doctor and get high. That’s not happening in our state. That’s happening, by the way, every day in Colorado and California, and I’m not going to permit it in this state, not as a former federal prosecutor,” he said at an unrelated Seaside event on Tuesday. [Read more…]