First NYC Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open In January

NEW YORK: If there was any doubt about the national momentum on legalized marijuana use in America, consider this. There will be a medicinal marijuana dispensary right off New York City’s Union Square come January 2016.

The dispensary on 14th Street between Second and Third Avenues will be run by Columbia Care, a New York City-based company that was awarded one of the state’s five licenses to open a medicinal marijuana shop. The selections were made in July, and companies are moving forward on grand openings.

In total, 23 states and the District of Columbia allow medical marijuana use, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. New York state allows for medicinal use under the 2014 Compassionate Care Act.

Exclusive: Inside Medical Marijuana Facility Set To Open In Long Island City

NEW YORK:  Eyewitness News got an exclusive look at the only company licensed to manufacture and distribute medical marijuana in New York City, and the way the drug will be administered may be different than what you’d expect.

When you think of medical marijuana, you think of green, leafy plants, but that is not what will be sold in New York. Instead, it will be sold primarily in pill form.

The marijuana in our area will be grown, manufactured and packaged at a building in Long Island City.

Cannabis Construction: Entrepreneurs Use Hemp In Home Building

NEW YORK:  It started with Hurricane Katrina: the flooded houses in New Orleans festering with mold, many uninhabitable to this day. Then came the earthquake in Haiti: thousands dead, crushed by homes that should have been their sanctuaries.

James Savage, then a Wall Street analyst living on Central Park West, grew disturbed about the conditions he saw on television and in the newspapers.

“There has to be something better we can do than this,” he recalled thinking last week as he sat at the kitchen table inside his new home here on a cliff overlooking the Hudson River 120 miles north of New York City.

The solution he has come up with is not some space-age polymer or recycled composite but a material that has been in use for millenniums, though it is more often demonized than venerated on these shores.

Protesters In NYC Call For Legal Marijuana In New York

NEW YORK:  Hundreds of demonstrators rallied in New York City‘s Union Square on Saturday to call for the legalization of marijuana in New York State.

NYC Cannabis Parade organizer Troy Smit told NBC News the annual event, first held in 2012, aims to “end the war on drugs, release the medicine, free the prisoners, heal the sick, and unite the nations.”

Colorado, Washington, and Alaska have already legalized the recreational use of marijuana. In February a law went into effect in Washington, D.C., that made carrying small amounts of pot legal. Oregon voters passed a law legalizing pot that is set to take effect July 1.


Marijuana Business Outlook 2015: Northeast Riding The Greenwave

NEW YORK:  With Maine’s ballot referendum set to legalize pot and New York City dropping all small possession charges, the year 2015 is gearing up to be significant for marijuana entrepreneurs. 

“You will see a progression from a limited system to more of a broader system of legalized marijuana among states,” said Adam Laufer, attorney and co-CEO of MJ Holdings. “I expect legalization will trickle into New Hampshire next year and that the entire Northeastern region will end up with legal marijuana.”

Recent hallmarks that 2015 will be a landmark year include the U.S. Department of Justice’s new position that Indian tribes may grow and sell marijuana on their reservations so long as they follow the 2014 federal guidelines detailed in the Cole Memo. 

“It will be interesting to see whether it’s only in legal states or any state where there is sovereign land,” Laufer said.

A Marijuana Stash That Carried Little Risk

NEW YORK:  Walking down Eighth Avenue a few weeks ago, I made sure my backpack was fully zipped shut. Inside was a modest stash of pot, bought just an hour or so earlier.

A friend knew someone in that world, and after an introduction, then a quiet, discreet meeting, I was on my way to the subway. Never before had I walked through Midtown Manhattan with it on my person. There were four cookies in vacuum-sealed pouches — “edibles” is the technical term — and then a few pinches of what was described as “herb.”

The innovations of Michael R. Bloomberg as mayor are legion, but his enforcement of marijuana laws has broken all records. More people have been arrested for marijuana possession than any other crime on the books. [Read more…]

Sanity On Pot And Stop-And-Frisk

NEW YORK: Two of the big legal stories of the past few weeks seem, on the surface, to have almost nothing to do with one another. Attorney General Eric Holder gave a tentative acquiescence to the marijuana-legalization programs in the states of Colorado and Washington. A federal judge declared that the stop-and-frisk practices of the New York Police Department violated the Constitution. [Read more…]