NH DHHS Announces Public Information Session In Chichester On Proposed Alternative Treatment Center Therapeutic Cannabis Dispensary

NEW HAMPSHIRE: The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has announced a public information session regarding a proposed Alternative Treatment Center (ATC) therapeutic cannabis dispensary in Chichester, NH, to be operated by Prime Alternative Treatment Centers of NH. This proposed dispensary location is responsive to Legislative intent and designed to increase patient access to the State’s Therapeutic Cannabis Program.

The public information session will be held at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, January 5th, via ZOOM, as part of the Chichester Selectmen Meeting. Information on how to participate in the meeting remotely is posted on the Town of Chichester’s website at www.chichesternh.org/home/news/public-information-session-therapeutic-cannabis.

During the public session, officials from the DHHS Therapeutic Cannabis Program and representatives from Prime ATC will make brief presentations and answer attendees’ questions.

In 2019, the NH Legislature approved HB 335, which approved the establishment of two new therapeutic cannabis dispensaries in areas of the State where access to the currently established ATCs is limited. The new dispensaries are to be operated by Prime ATC in Region 2 (representing Hillsborough and Merrimack counties) and Temescal Wellness in Region 1 (representing Belknap, Rockingham, and Strafford counties). Prime ATC currently operates its dispensary in Merrimack. As required by HB 335, DHHS conducted a patient needs assessment Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol to determine locations that would have the greatest impact on patient access. The needs assessment identified the Concord area as a location that would best alleviate the travel burden on TCP patients in Region 2.

NECANN Expands Again In 2019

New England’s longest-running cannabis convention series expands to Springfield, Massachusetts and New Jersey

MASSACHUSETTS: NECANN, producers of the two largest cannabis industry conventions on the East Coast (in Boston and Portland, ME) announced the addition of two new events making it the largest cannabis convention series in the world. After adding three new markets in 2018 (Reno NV, Burlington VT, and Salt Lake City Utah), NECANN is adding new shows in Springfield MA (June 22-23) and Trenton, NJ (September 14-15) in 2019, to bring their total number of annual events up to 8.

BOS19 1000-400

With the state’s recreational program now active and growing rapidly, NECANN is excited to bring its business and education platform to Western Massachusetts in June. “The marketplace for recreational cannabis use has exploded in Worcester County and throughout the Berkshires,” says President and Co-Founder Marc Shepard, “making Springfield a perfect location for a NECANN convention.

In New Jersey the Governor, Senate, and Assembly Committees are all on board for the legalization of adult use cannabis in New Jersey, possibly in 2019. “We’re excited to work with local leaders, advocacy groups, and businesses to host the first New Jersey Cannabis Convention,” says Jeff Lawrence, Co-Founder and New Market Director.

NECANN’s flagship Boston event (March 22-24), now in it’s 5th year, will see the programming and exhibit hall expand into a third day. Friday, March 22nd will introduce CannaBiz Friday, with a 100% focus on B2B. All speakers and sessions will be business-focused with special break-out networking sessions.

The Friday will also feature the first-ever New England Cannabis Community Awards. “There are so many organizations and entities who have brought the Massachusetts market online the right way,” says Managing Director Beth Waterfall, herself a long-time activist, “we can’t wait to shine the deserved spotlight on their efforts.” Proceeds from the event will go towards Veterans Alternative Healing and the New England Veterans Alliance.

New Hampshire: Taxing, Regulating Adult Use Cannabis Market Would Yield $58 Million In New Annual Revenue

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Regulating New Hampshire’s existing adult use cannabis market would yield as much as $58 million per year in new annual revenue, according to an analysis authored by the state’s Department of Revenue.

Analysts’ estimates are based upon the application of a 15 percent tax rate on commercial transactions. The Department’s report was provided to the state’s Commission to Study the Legalization, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana – which is preparing to make recommendations to the legislature this November.

Members of the New Hampshire House initially voted in favor of legalization legislation in January by a vote of 207 to 139 before ultimately deciding in favor of appointing an interim study committee in March. Lawmakers decriminalized low-level marijuana possession offenses last year.

For more information, contact Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director, at (202) 483-5500.


Roger Tilton’s Clarion Call To New Hampshire: “Let’s Be Tenth!”

By Roger Tilton

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Four years ago, I ran for state senate in the “First in the Nation Primary” state of New Hampshire on the theme: “Let’s be ‘Third in the Nation’ to legalize adult-use cannabis.” I lost. And so did New Hampshire. Since that election, every jurisdiction neighboring New Hampshire (save the Atlantic Ocean) has legalized adult-use cannabis: Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Canada.

My slogan as I seek election again this cycle: “Let’s be tenth!” Not really. New Hampshire’s legislative branch, called the General Court, consists of a 400-member House of Representatives and 24 Senators. All 424 of them get paid $200 per biennium, or a hundred bucks a year. Who can afford to run for office in New Hampshire? Certainly not the working class: maybe, retired people? Wealthy people? People who control their own schedule? And what do those three groups have in common? (Other than they’re from the Greatest Generation, the oldest demographic group still alive, and those who still vehemently, and overwhelmingly, have missed the truth about cannabis.)

Roger Tilton at MJBA

I’ll let you ponder that question for a moment. And combine your answer with the silliest political gambit I’ve come across: a “pledge.” A pledge that started just after the midpoint of the last century; a pledge to not propose, support or vote for any additional taxes. This silly pledge dates back to the Eisenhower Administration, according to NHPR, and according to figures from usgovernmentspending.com, the New Hampshire state budget reached $169 million in fiscal year 1957. Today the NH state budget is nearly $6 billion a year. Progress and time necessitate new ways to collect revenue and provide services. Period.

Now, back to the pledge: guess what it leads to? We know, we’ve seen it now for decades: bad government, and the passing of responsibility for funding government to local jurisdictions in hundreds of small New Hampshire towns—like the one where I live. Property taxes have doubled in just the past few years. New Hampshire now trails only New Jersey in highest property taxes in the country. What hasn’t doubled in New Hampshire recently? Income. Some employers still get away with paying workers—and I use the term loosely, more like indentured servants—$7.25 an hour! Because that’s the federal minimum, and you know, in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state, we don’t have laws requiring a minimum wage. And that means if you’re making $7.25 an hour, your employer would pay you less—if he or she could. Think about that: if employers in New Hampshire could pay you what the state pays its legislators, they would.

So local property taxes go up and services get gutted, while new revenue sources aren’t considered. What kind of government ‘Of the people, By the people, For the people’ is that? Screwed. I take some solace that the state of New Hampshire is not just out-of-touch on cannabis, the state of New Hampshire is out-of-touch on so much more. Which makes the motto seem more like ‘Live Free Of State Government Or Die (or Just Go Away)’.

For work, I act as an agent for legal cannabis companies seeking investor dollars. In that role, I’ve talked with 646 (and counting) legal cannabis companies and personally visited 94 of those in five different states. None of these companies is in New Hampshire, because our elderly, too-well-off legislature is stuck in Reefer Madness.

Last month I attended the National Cannabis Industry Association Business Summit and Expo in San Jose, which attracted +7,000 people and featured exhibits from nearly 500 legal cannabis companies. Now I’ve heard of the so-called Northeast or New England snobbery, but c’mon: Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts have seen the future, and it is legal cannabis.

Four years ago, I told voters in New Hampshire that we could take a leadership position in the legal cannabis industry. Yet our Governors, then Democrats, pooh-poohed the idea. Why? Heads in the sand and the inability to reason, to see trends, to read, to educate themselves. It’s too easy, as one candidate for County Prosecutor said, “It’s a (federal) schedule one narcotic.” Oh yeah? Well, that’s as antiquated an argument as is “Reefer Madness,” or the faux ‘War on Drugs.’

As I walked the exhibition floor in San Jose and talked with more than a hundred of those exhibitors, I felt sad for New Hampshire: so old and out of touch. Yet hopeful too, that a youngster like me (at 58!) can lead with passion on this issue and others—and convince New Hampshire voters to take part: Vote! Vote and you can have liberal policies that actually work and help people, and don’t tax those who can least afford it. In this divisive political climate, I urge you to stand with me! From the rooftops shout: liberal policies work! Liberal politics work! Legalized cannabis works! And on that last point, check out the success stories in Washington and Colorado: two states with five full years of adult-use cannabis legalization. Look at Massachusetts, retail adult-use stores slowly, and legally, coming on line. Look at California, where I was last month with 7,500 other business people making connections, signing contracts, and growing the industry.

I’m running this year to make New Hampshire tenth, or with the goings on in the legislatures in Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland, and with voters in Michigan: maybe fourteenth. I’m also running to implore voters born after Nixon resigned to get involved, learn the issues in your area, and vote both smart, and responsibly. Vote! (Oh, and please: send a few bucks, help me win: www.secure.actblue.com/donate/tilton2018)

Roger Tilton worked for major Wall Street wirehouses and a boutique broker-dealer for 28 years; then on 4/20 2016, he founded Seattle-based Access Worldgroup LLC., where he has confidentially combined investors with investments in the legal cannabis industry. Check him out at www.acwg.co or www.accessRoger.com

NE’s Largest Cannabis Convention Returns To Boston March 24-25, 2018

MASSACHUSETTS: The 4th Annual New England Cannabis Convention, hosted by the NECANN, will return to the Hynes Convention Center on Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25.

With over 5,000 attendees, 200+ industry exhibitors, and 120+ local and national speakers, the New England Cannabis Convention will be the largest Cannabis and Hemp Industry event ever in the Northeast. Cannabis sales in Maine and Massachusetts are projected to exceed 1.5 billion dollars by 2020, and this expo focuses on helping New Englanders get involved in this amazing growth opportunity, as well as serving as a resource for medical marijuana patients and advocates.


Programming for the event will feature four separate tracks covering all aspects of the industry:

  • Marijuana as medicine
  • Local Cannabis legal, businesses, and investment news
  • Live demos on growing, cloning, making salves and tinctures, and more.
  • Cannabis Career and entrepreneurial opportunities

The keynote speaker for the event will be Cheryl Shuman. Known as the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana,” Cheryl has been featured as “the cannabis queen of Beverly Hills” on the covers of Adweek, The Jerusalem Post, The New York Times Magazine, The London Times Magazine and was named one of the most powerful women in pot in Fortune Magazine, as well as features in Vogue, Elle, The View, ABC’s 20/20, and Good Morning America.

This year’s event will also feature the premiere of “The Doc and the Jocks”, a live panel discussion discussing the role of cannabis in treating sports-related injuries. Panelists will include former Chicago Bears Super Bowl champion QB Jim McMahon and local sports broadcast legend Bob Lobel. The panel with be moderated by Massachusetts based Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, an internationally renowned cannabis advocate who termed the saying “Cannabis is not an entrance drug, it is an exit drug from pharmaceuticals and narcotics”.

“Over the last 12 months, huge progress has been made toward the normalization of cannabis use in New England and throughout the country,” says Marc Shepard, co-founder of NECANN. “With legalization spreading throughout the region, hosting the essential networking hub for local businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs to meet and grow is very exciting. For anyone who is interested in seeing the true scope of this industry, including the opportunities and enormous potential, this is the place to be,” Shepard adds.

Attendees can network with the over 200 local and national Cannabis Industry businesses, talk with doctors and health care providers, explore investment & career opportunities, connect with advocacy groups, see the latest developments in lighting, soil, and growing equipment, and purchase a huge variety of the latest smoking, vaping, and storage accessories.

Every single facet of the cannabis industry is represented, including: Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Botanicals, Dosing Equipment, Grow Lights, Hemp Industry, Hydroponics & Cultivation Products, Infused Products, Inventory Tracking, Legal Resources, Licensing Services, Marketing, Medical Experts & Resources, Packaging, Patient Advocacy & Education, Payment Processing, POS & Management Software, Private Equity & Investment Resources, Security Services & Equipment, Smoking and Accessories for Vaping & Dabbing, Storage, Training & Education, and Testing & Lab Services.

Since 2015, NECANN has hosted the largest, most comprehensive Cannabis Industry event series in the northeast. It’s 2018 schedule includes six conventions (Boston, Providence RI, Portland, ME, Northampton, MA, Burlington, VT, and Reno, NV), making it the largest series in the country as the legalization of recreational cannabis use in both Maine and Massachusetts bring ever greater national attention to New England.

Registration for the event can be purchased online at www.necann.com. A limited amount of tickets will also be sold on-site on the days of the shows. The full programming schedule is available at www.necann.com/programming.

Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston Street, Boston, MA

Saturday, April 22, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday, April 23, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
*- Box office closes one hour prior to Show closing each day.

Business, Investment, Career (BIC)
One Day Registration: $50 online, $60 onsite
Two Day Registration: $75 online, $85 onsite
Patients, Advocates, Caregivers (PAC)
One Day Registration: $20 online, $25 onsite
Two Day Registration: $30 online, $35 onsite

*Must be 18+ to attend NECANN. Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. ID is required.


# # #


Cannabis Market Strategies New England Comes To Boston February 28th – March 1

Will focus on strategies for the emerging New England industry with industry leaders

MASSACHUSETTS:  CBI  will host a two-day summit of industry leaders and players, “Cannabis Market Strategies New England,” February 28-March 1, at the DoubleTree Suites Boston-Cambridge.

The event is structured as an intimate meeting of executives and owners of dispensaries in the rapidly growing New England marketplace. This senior-level summit will allow the industry to convene in one place to discuss their biggest challenges in the cannabis industry and devise strategies to overcome them.

“Cannabis Market Strategies New England is a much different kind of event for our community; it’s not a vendor or trade show, rather, it’s an opportunity to meet, discuss and come up with strategies to help solve mutual problems we face as the industry continues to grow,” said Tim Smale, Chairman of the summit and Co-Founder, Remedy ME.

Scheduled panels include:

  • Establish a Successful Brand and Expand the Reach of Your Operations
  • Venture Capital Priorities with New Dispensary Partners
  • Facility Development and Planning in the Cannabis Industry
  • Plan the Groundwork for a New Dispensary —
  • Key Concerns and Considerations
  • Security Concerns, Pitfalls and Opportunities for the Cannabis Industry
  • Compliant and Effective Staffing and Training for the Cannabis Industry
  • Improve Legislative Relationships to Master a Changing Landscape

CBI has also assembled some of the top authorities in these areas to drive meaningful conversations during these sessions and to provide extensive networking opportunities to attendees. Click here for the full Speaker List

An early bird discount of $300 is available before January 12:  Click here to register and redeem your discount.

New Hampshire: Governor Signs Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession Offenses

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Republican Gov. Chris Sununu has signed legislation into law decriminalizing minor marijuana offenses.

The new law, which takes effect in mid-September, eliminates criminal penalties for the possession of up to 3/4 of an ounce of cannabis and/or up to five grams of hashish for those age 18 and older. First and second time offenders will face a $100 civil fine.

“New Hampshire will soon join the chorus of states that recognize the baseline level of dignity for it’s citizens and tourists who choose to consume marijuana,” said Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director. “Soon, throughout New England, individuals will be able to freely travel without the threat of jail time for possession of marijuana.”

New Hampshire is the only New England state that presently imposes criminal penalties for minor marijuana possession offenses.

Governor Sununu also signed separate legislation, HB 215, establishing a commission to “study the legalization, regulation, and taxation of marijuana.” However, many of those initially advocating for the commission, including the bill’s primary sponsor, withdrew their support for it following concerns that task force members largely consist of those opposed to any further changes in marijuana policy.


Senate Leaders: Vermont Pot Bill Unlikely To Pass

By Associated Press 

VERMONT: Top Senate lawmakers in Vermont say passing a marijuana legalization bill is becoming exceedingly unlikely.

The Vermont House is still debating their version of a legalization bill, which would simply legalize personal cannabis use, possession and cultivation. There are just over three weeks to go in the lawmaking session and Senate lawmakers expected the bill to get to them weeks ago.

Senate leaders also say the House bill would continue to allow for a black market, and they favor a law that would tax and regulate sales of the plant. A Senate measure in 2016 that proposed a legal marijuana market died in the House last year.

Vermont’s constitution disallows referendums, thwarting another avenue to legalize marijuana as other states have done.


New England Cannabis Convention Coming to Hynes Convention Center April 23-24

The New England Cannabis Network will be hosting the 2016 New England Cannabis Convention at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston April 23 and 24.  With over 120 industry vendors, and more than 60 local and national cannabis experts and health care speakers, this will be the N.E. Region’s largest cannabis industry event in 2016. Industry growth is explosive, with legal Cannabis sales in the U.S. projected to gross $16.7 billion dollars in 2016, and grow to over $20 billion by 2019. The Convention will focus on helping New Englanders get involved in this amazing opportunity.

Programming for the event will feature four complete tracks covering all aspects of the industry:

(1) Cannabis careers, businesses, and investment opportunities, (2) Marijuana as medicine, (3) Live demos on growing, cloning, tinctures, and more, and (4) Opportunities in the hemp industry. The event will also feature the first annual N.E. Cannabis Film Festival, showing a curated selection of short cannabis-related films from around the world.

Attendees at the event will also have the opportunity to network with the over 120 local and national cannabis industry businesses, speak with doctors and health care providers, explore investment and career opportunities, connect with advocacy groups, see the latest developments in lighting, soil, and growing equipment, and shop a huge variety of the latest smoking, vaping, and storage accessories.

“Over the last 12 months, huge progress has been made towards the normalization of cannabis use in New England, and around the country. With legalization votes possible in as many as four New England states in 2016, we want to help create a networking hub for the local caregivers, patients, advocates, businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs to meet and grow,” said Marc Shepard, Co-Founder of NECANN.

“For anyone who is interested in seeing the true scope of the local cannabis industry, including its benefits and enormous potential, this is the place to be.”   The show is 18+ (children under 18 must be accompanied by adult), and no smoking or vaping is allowed in the building. Registration for the event can be bought online at: www.NECANN.com. A limited amount of tickets will also be available at the Hynes Convention Center on show days.

Full Programming Schedule:  www.necann.com/programming

SHOW DATES/TIMES: Sat. April. 23rd, 11am-6pm.  Sun. April 24th, 11am-6pm.

Attendees can be register online at http://www.necann.com and at the event on the day of the show

$15 general admission, $35 for all programming.


New Hampshire Senate: Study Growing Marijuana At Home

NEW HAMPSHIRE: The Senate has voted to study whether people with serious illnesses should be allowed to grow marijuana at home rather than wait for dispensaries to open under New Hampshire’s medical marijuana law.

The Senate voted Thursday without debate to study the House bill. Last year, lawmakers considered including a home-grow provision in the medical marijuana law but took it out at Gov. Maggie Hassan‘s insistence. Supporters argue patients who qualify under the new law to use marijuana should not have to wait for the state to implement it.

Under the bill, licensed patients could possess up to two mature plants and 12 immature plants or seedlings. They had to report their cultivation locations to the state and lost cultivation rights once a dispensary opened within 30 miles of their home.