Clark County NV Picks 18 Applicants For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

NEVADA: They came from near and far. Las Vegas Valley developers, medical marijuana industry veterans from Colorado and area doctors were among them.

The odds were against them. Seventy-nine applicants — down from 81 — aiming for part of the region’s next industry: medical marijuana. And Clark County had just 18 slots for medical marijuana dispensaries.

There were familiar names among the winners that county commissioners picked Friday at the end of a three-day hearing. Longtime developer and gaming executive Randy Black, who retired last year as chief operating officer at Mesquite Gaming, for example, hopes to open a dispensary in Laughlin. He was the only applicant there.

Marijuana Businesses May Have Trouble Finding A Bank

NEVADA:  It’s a budding business in Nevada that will bring in big time money. Even though medical marijuana is legal under Nevada law, most banks steer clear of these all-cash operations.

So where will their owners store their money, when they open shop in Clark County?

The same federal government that regulates banking transactions also says selling marijuana is a crime, so people who open medical marijuana businesses in Clark County, for the most part can’t get the banks to do any business with them.


Reno Mayor Bob Cashell To Push For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

NEVADA: Reno Mayor Bob Cashell has executed an about face on the issue of medical marijuana, saying today he will push for the licensing and proper zoning of dispensaries in the city of Reno.

Cashell was a vocal critic of the law setting up a dispensary system for Nevada’s medical marijuana card holders when it was being considered by the Legislature last year.

But while some Nevada locales are considering an outright ban on the dispensaries, Cashell said today Reno should press ahead with licensing.

“I don’t think we are going to reject medical marijuana,” he said. “At least I’m not. I’ve seen what it does to help people. I’m going to push for it.”