Judge Halts Medical Marijuana Delivery App In Los Angeles

CALIFORNIA:  Want your medical marijuana delivered? There might not be an app for that.

A judge on Tuesday grounded a smartphone-based service that arranges deliveries of medical marijuana in Los Angeles after the city attorney argued it was illegal.

In the complaint filed Dec. 2, LA City Attorney Mike Feuer requested a preliminary injunction against the app Nestdrop, also seeking civil penalties for violations of voter-approved Proposition D and unfair business practices.

Prop D, which regulates dispensaries, prohibits medical marijuana delivery services in LA and allows only caregivers to transport marijuana to patients.

LA City Attorney Sues To Block Marijuana Delivery App

CALIFORNIA: The Los Angeles city attorney filed a lawsuit Tuesday to shut down a mobile phone application that arranges medical marijuana home deliveries.

The suit alleges that the iPhone and Android free app, Nestdrop, is a “flagrant attempt” to bypass restrictions contained in Proposition D, the medical marijuana law approved by Los Angeles voters last year.

Nestdrop links customers with delivery services. It started as an alcoholic beverage delivery service but added marijuana in November, promising arrival within an hour.

Pot delivery is currently only available in Los Angeles, but the company has said it wants to expand throughout Southern California.

Customers must prove they have a doctor’s prescription and must be a member of a medical marijuana collective, although they can join a local one through the app.

The company said it works with local dispensaries that can provide pot in bud, edible and concentrated forms.