Forget Colorado, New Survey Shows Rhode Islanders Use The Most Marijuana

RHODE ISLAND:  This may shock you, but Colorado and Washington residents don’t use the most weed (if you’re measuring by the percent of state residents who regularly use marijuana.) Rhode Islanders do.

Thirteen percent, or one in eight, of those over age 12 in The Ocean State said they had used marijuana in the past month, according to state-level statistics from the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health. This is a big jump from the national average, which is about 7 percent. Kansas reported the lowest levels of regular marijuana users at 4.06 percent overall.

Though Rhode Island came in as a dark horse, the rest of the statistics are less surprising: According to The Washington Post, Western states generally have the highest rate of weed usage, at 9 percent, followed by the Northeast. The South has the lowest overall rate at 5.83 percent.