Ben & Jerry's Gets High Marks For Colorado Marijuana Tweet

COLORADO: Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana sales is too divisive to be a real-time marketing opportunity for most brands.

Unless, of course, your brand happens to be a hippie-tinged brand of Grade A munchies. Ben & Jerry’s, the Unilever-owned ice cream brand, was one of the few —- perhaps the only — major brand to weigh in on the issue. The ice cream company did so with this apropos tweet on Thursday. [Read more…]

High-End Baking: Meet The Queen of Munchies

COLORADO: In the beginning, there were cupcakes; then came pie, and cake pops, and cronuts, and gluten-free everything. Everyone knows specialty baked goods are big business — but Karin Lazarus’s baked goods are a little more special than most. As the proprietor of Colorado-based Sweet Mary Jane, she’s brought a pastry chef’s savvy to the world of pot brownies. [Read more…]