Mother Jumps From Nagging to Bragging About Marijuana

Eight years ago, somewhere between scheduling play dates for my youngest and running our household I caught my 16-year old son smoking weed with a few friends. Upon discovering this scene, I became irate. What was he thinking? Hadn’t we talked about choosing not to use drugs? Was I being naive thinking my child would never… Whatever the case may be when it comes to teens and drugs, every mother fears for their child.

And my fears were further amplified since addiction ran in our family. Part of me felt my son was just being a typical teenager, experimenting. But the other part of me, my intuitive side, knew he was using this particular drug to escape his reality. You see both his father and step-father battled drug addiction and I feared the trickle-down effect.

My primal urge was to protect my child, thus I just couldn’t stand by and not punish my child for his choices. This began my campaign to complain and harp on how marijuana is a “gateway” drug, that is, a drug that increases the likelihood of using hard core drugs such as cocaine. Honestly, I believed the key to deterring marijuana use was to nag, nag, and nag some more.

Minnesota Gov. Dayton Denies Telling Mother To Buy Illicit Marijuana

MINNESOTA:  Gov. Mark Dayton has denied a suggestion that he told the mother of a sick child to buy marijuana from the street because it is not a legal medicine in Minnesota.

The accusation was made Wednesday by a Woodbury mother who has been advocating for legalizing medical marijuana. She was among a small group of supporters who met in early March with the governor.

The remark was made in a private setting, not in public. Dayton wouldn’t elaborate Friday on what he said in that meeting. Another supporter of medical marijuana has confirmed the mother’s claim.

Minnesota Parents Go After Dayton For His Stance On Medical Marijuana

MINNESOTA:  Parents of suffering children used an emotional Wednesday news conference to blame Gov. Mark Dayton for killing a bill that would allow them to use marijuana to ease children’s seizures.

A Woodbury parent said the governor should “put special needs ahead of special interests.”

“Minnesotans with debilitating medical conditions and their families should not have to take a backseat to politics,” said Jessica Hauser of Woodbury, whose son Wyatt has epilepsy.

The parents were critical of comments Dayton made in a radio interview this week in which he all but declared efforts dead to legalize marijuana to help children with seizures and other Minnesotans with extreme pain.

When They Ask You What Pot Is In School, You Tell Them It’s Something You Cook With

By Sandy Thompson Soderberg

WASHINGTON:  Now while it is true, a pot is something you cook with, this is not what I was being talked to about. It was the early 80’s and the agenda in schools was to “educate” kids about drugs through a program called D.A.R.E. When my folks heard about this coming to the schools, that the local law enforcement was going to be in our schools telling kids LIES about cannabis, bringing in pipes and bongs asking if kids knew what they were, asking kids point blank if their parents used marijuana, well, I was told to lie. And this created fear in and of itself. Was I supposed to lie to the people meant to protect us? Yep. Because we live in a contradictory society that has brainwashed people.

Fast forward 30 years and now I’m a parent. [Read more…]

Parents 4 Pot Aims To Eliminate Stigma, Legal Implications For Marijuana Users With Families

CALIFORNIA: A Northern California group aims to remove the stigma and legal implications for parents who smoke marijuana.

Dubbed Parents 4 Pot, the group has a Facebook page and will soon launch an educational website. Organizers said they plan to form a board of directors and start advocating legislation.

“What we aspire to do is to change the way people understand and talk about cannabis in our community,” organizer Mickey Martin told The Huffington Post. Martin, a longtime marijuana reform activist, is the author of Medical Marijuana 101 and founded a marijuana edibles company. He is a parent to two boys. [Read more…]

Oregon Moms for Marijuana Group Plans Rally Today In Medford

OREGON: A group of mothers who fear they could lose custody of their children because of medical marijuana use plan to rally today against efforts to restrict access to the drug or to impose harsh penalties on users.

“We’re just mothers who’ve had enough,” said Lindsey Rinehart, a 31-year-old Talent woman who lost custody of her children for 17 days in Idaho earlier this year. “It doesn’t help to remove a child from a loving family because of a nontoxic substance.”

The loosely formed group Southern Oregon Moms for Marijuana plans to hold a rally at 4 p.m. today on the Jackson County Courthouse steps at 10 S. Oakdale Ave. The rally is one of many rallies being held by various chapters of Moms for Marijuana. [Read more…]

Does Smoking Weed Make You A Bad Parent? 'Moms For Marijuana' Says No

WASHINGTON: A group of activist moms is rallying in support of cannabis-consuming parents and against government authorities who deem such parents unfit to raise a family.

Moms For Marijuana International has announced an “International Day of Action” planned for Nov. 12. Specifically, the group wants to take Child Protective Services (CPS) to task about incidents in which medical marijuana users and activists have allegedly lost custody of their children. [Read more…]

Medical Marijuana Key In Washington Custody Case

WASHINGTON: As medical marijuana supporters gird for a fight against further state controls, they are rallying around the case of Billy Fisher, a Spokane patient who has so far been denied custody of his infant daughter in part because he refused to attend an inpatient chemical dependency program for his use of the drug. [Read more…]

Mom Who Chose Cannabis Over Chemo Forced To Revisit Chemo Options

COLORADO: A Colorado Springs mom who chose cannabis over chemotherapy for her 3-year-old son with leukemia faces a tough choice: find a chemo plan they can live with, or risk losing custody of her son. [Read more…]