Medical Marijuana For Sale In Illinois

ILLINOIS: Patients lined up at the door on the first day of sales of medical marijuana in Illinois.

Rico was one of 200 people to get a prescription filled at The Clinic Mundelein, one of nine medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. The 20-year Army veteran suffers from severe back pain.

“This is just like I went to the doctor to get my medication,” Rico said. “For year I’ve been taking Percocet and they’ve been giving me Dilaudid, and that just makes it to where I can’t function.”

Only patients with state-issued ID cards who are registered at a dispensary can purchase medical marijuana. The state has issued only about 3,300 IDs. Bob Morgan helped develop the program.

“We need more patients. We have a lot of patients who say they’re interested who are choosing not to participate. We want to make sure those who are eligible and want to participate can,” Morgan said.