The Medical Cannabis Finish Line Is In Sight

image011By Shawn DeNae

The stage is set, the contenders are in place and we either cross that finish line by legitimizing medicinal use, cultivation and dispensing of medical cannabis in law or it’s finished all together.


A dedicated group striving to protect medical cannabis access in Washington State gathered on Thursday as starters in a sprint.  Kari Boiter, the Americans for Safe Access National Advocate of the Year, lead the discussion with bullet strength detail.  [Read more…]

Marijuana patients protest feds raids on dispensaries

WASHINGTON: Juliana Plemitscher says she wouldn’t normally join a public protest against marijuana laws outside the federal building.

But after federal agents raided the medical marijuana dispensary where she goes to get medicine for her epilepsy, she felt stirred to action Wednesday. She joined 30 others outside the federal building on Second Avenue, holding signs to protest the federal government’s hard stance on marijuana.

Plemitscher thinks she missed the federal agents who raided the Seattle Cross dispensary on Capitol Hill on Tuesday by about 20 minutes. Employees told her it was closed when she arrived.