Ohio Board Of Pharmacy Awards Dispensary Certificate Of Operation In Youngstown


OHIO: The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy today awarded a Dispensary Certificate of Operation to Leaf Relief, located at 4323 Market St., Youngstown. The interactive map of Dispensaries with Certificates of Operation will be updated within the next 48 hours.

Arizona: Supreme Court Affirms That Lawmakers Cannot Ban Medical Cannabis Access on College Campuses


ARIZONA:  The Arizona Supreme Court has upheld an appellate court decision striking down a 2012 law that sought to forbid medical cannabis access on college campuses. Lifetime NORML Legal Committee member Tom Dean represented the patient-defendant in the case pro bono, and called the decision a “victory for democracy.” Justices opined that the 2012 law was unconstitutional because it impermissibly sought to Read the full article…

I-502 Accounting Basics: Avoid the Audit

NWMJLaw's Anne Van Leynseele leads the 502 Accounting Panel at MJBA Seattle

By Anne Van Leynseele, NWMJ Law WHO’S STANDING NOW; WHO’S STANDING TOMORROW We keep getting the same questions over and over from different clients so to save everyone’s time; we decided to share the answers with all of you MJBA members. GOALS OF THIS SERIES: To increase your business literacy. To help ensure that you Read the full article…

Marijuana Lessons For Canada: USA vs Portugal vs Netherlands

Cannabis in Canada

CANADA: Canada’s new government has promised to legalize marijuana in 2016, but until that happens, you can still get charged for possession, growing or selling marijuana. All these activities are currently illegal and possible penalties, if you get convicted, range from a small fine to getting a criminal record. The case’s outcome depends on whether you Read the full article…