Marapharm Las Vegas Hosts Open House During MJBizCon

NEVADA:  Marapharm Ventures Inc. is inviting shareholders and investors to attend an open house in Las Vegas, NevadaNovember 17, 20174 to 8 pm, timed to coincide with the MJBizCon cannabis industry trade show.

According to a company press release, the open house is an appreciation and information event where company leaders will tell their story.  Marijuana Business Daily pegs the US cannabis industry as a $44 billion dollar business. Las Vegas has the potential to become one of the largest legal cannabis markets in the United States. Marapharm is the largest owner of marijuana licenses in Las Vegas.

There will be an outdoor fire and appetizers. Transportation via a free bus service from the strip will be provided.  Register online for your invitation on


Elevator Pitch: Kalyx Development’s Dave Charnick

NEVADA: With over 600,000 square ft of canopy in Colorado, Oregon, Arizona and Washington, Kalyx Development has emerged as a leader in cannabis real estate.

Marijuana Channel One caught up with Kalyx senior exec Dave Charnick on the floor of the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas.


Black Bottom Lighters: 4:20 Jam at MJBizCon

NEVADA:  Sometimes the magic happens off the trade show floor. Such was the case when an impromptu Jack Johnson jam broke out at 4:20 in the Vuber Hospitality Suite at MJBizcon and Marijuana Channel One was there to capture the magic.

The cacophony of a crowded, canna-filled hotel room hushed as Arizona duo Black Bottom Lighters broke out into spontaneous song. Not a peep is heard as the boys give it their all. Here’s the live version of “Down For You” Enjoy!



Marijuana Business Conference Begins Today in Las Vegas

NEVADA: The excitement is palpable as thousands of cannabis industry professionals descend upon Las Vegas for the 5th Annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo, held as the glitzy RIO hotel.  Last week, Nevada voters legalized adult-use marijuana, adding momentum and enthusiasm to the budding sector, that already represents the fastest-growing industry in the American economy.

An expected 7,500 attendees are expected to walk the floor, and more than 300 exhibitors have set up shop in the largest cannabis industry trade show of the year.  Entertainer Penn Teller, an outspoken Libertarian, will deliver the keynote,  and some 80 industry leaders — growers, technologists, investors, advocates and entrepreneurs — will participate as featured speakers and panelists.

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