My Parents Run A Pot Dispensary

Cheyenne, who will graduate with a BA in marketing this June and plans to grow the family business, hopes every state follows Colorado’s lead.

COLORADO:  After years of fighting for the legalization of marijuana, Cheyenne Fox and her parents were thrilled when Amendment 64 was passed in 2012, making their home state, Colorado, among the first to allow pot to be sold legally for recreational purposes. This also meant the family’s Denver-based business, 3D Dispensary, where Cheyenne, 21, is currently general manager, Read the full article…

AA: ADHD and Anxiety – Diary of an MJ Mom

My doctor and I would both like to see more scientific study validating the effectiveness of CBD, and a better understanding of the exact dosage required on a daily basis. She was also concerned that cannabinoids wear off much faster than a time released controlled substance.

by MJ & Me In our world, AA is an identifiable acronym for Alcoholics Anonymous, American Airlines, and for those financial gurus, AA: NYSE the stock quote. But in my world, AA stands for ADHD and Anxiety. Sadly, these are two challenges that my beautiful, smart, witty, charming and oftentimes challenging 16 year-old son faces Read the full article…

Becoming Mama Verde

Throughout this transformation into motherhood, I have not only embraced my own lifestyle choices, but also have released self-judgment to find a place of love, devotion and peace as a butterfly growing from a cocoon and spreading her wings to the world.  I am a Green Mama.  I am Madre Verde.

I am many things in this world: wife, friend, sister, auntie, world traveler, philanthropist and volunteer.  I enjoy a few glasses of wine over dinner, neat shots of whiskey for special occasions and the very regular joint of my most favorite medicine:  marijuana.  For the first 34 years of my life, I was satisfied with Read the full article…

Beets to Cannabis

From watching the Hempress tend her medical grade marijuana garden, it really is a lot of work and quite expensive.

My mentor, the Queen of Weed, taught me more in 5 days than I had learned in my off and on passion with marijuana in 30 years. More off than on, because of the unavailability. After being in Seattle and seeing her garden, I now daydream of being a pot farmer.