Minnesota Patients Legally Acquire Marijuana For First Time

MINNESOTA:  At the stroke of midnight, medical marijuana was legal in Minnesota.

Moments later, the state’s first cannabis clinic welcomed its first patients.

“We’ve been waiting a long time for this,” said Kim Kelsey, holding up a small white pill bottle containing a week’s supply of cannabis pills outside. The Minnesota Medical Solutions clinic in downtown Minneapolis opened its doors just after midnight July 1 for a handful of clients, like Kelsey, who didn’t want to wait even a few more hours to start treatment.

“We decided we weren’t going to make them an extra nine hours,” said MinnMed CEO Dr. Kyle Kingsley. “It’s really an honor to serve the first three patients in Minnesota.”

Minnesota’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ready To Open

MINNESOTA:  The first dispensary for medical marijuana in Minnesota is set to open in Minneapolis on Wednesday, July 1. That is the first day the it can be legally sold in the state.

Minnesota Medical Solutions invited journalists to tour their new facility at 207 9th St. in Minneapolis on Friday. The tour was hosted by Kyle Kingsley, MD, CEO of Minnesota Medical Solutions.

The marijuana is sold only in pill, tincture and oil forms. The products are color-coded to make it easier for patients to obtain the correct type of cannabis for their particular condition.

At Medical Marijuana Warehouse, Plants Rise As Launch Nears

MINNESOTA:  Kim Kelsey walked row-by-row through a maze of hundreds of growing marijuana plants, dumbstruck, ecstatic and near tears at the 2-foot-tall plants and what she hopes they will do for her son.

After nearly 20 years of struggling to get Alec’s epilepsy under control, thousands of seizures, countless combinations of pills and weeks of rallying at the Capitol for a bill to legalize medical marijuana, Kelsey focused Tuesday on a smaller number: 56 days. The state’s two medical marijuana manufacturers say they’ll be ready to start distributing medicine come July 1, and Kelsey saw the evidence firsthand.

“I’m speechless,” Kelsey said, standing in front of a row of plants inside Minnesota Medical Solutions’ production facility in Otsego with Kathy Engstrom, another mother hoping to treat her son’s epilepsy. “And I never stop talking.”

For the two mothers, it’s a rapid turnaround since the state’s law passed last spring yet one that couldn’t come soon enough. Kelsey and Engstrom both hope the marijuana oils, vapors and pills available in less than two months will be a miracle, small or large, for their sons.

Minnesota Medical Marijuana Manufacturers Prepare For Business

MINNESOTA:  Minnesota medical marijuana manufacturers have lined up several dispensary sites throughout state and are set to have the first harvest over the next few weeks.

In Minneapolis, construction is under way on the city’s first dispensary — a standalone 100-year-old downtown building that once housed the League of Catholic Women. This summer, it is expected to be one company’s flagship dispensary.

The state Department of Health has approved two manufacturers, LeafLine Labs and Minnesota Medical Solutions, also known as MinnMed, to grow, process and sell medical cannabis in pill or oil form to Minnesotans starting July 1.

Each manufacturer is allowed four distribution centers around the state. MinnMed may locate dispensaries only in odd numbered Minnesota congressional districts and LeafLine Labs in the even numbered districts. The people allowed to purchase medicinal cannabis must have one of the 10 medical conditions specified by the state.


State Medical Pot Manufacturers Chosen; Production Sites In Cottage Grove, Otsego

MINNESOTA:  The Minnesota Department of Health announced Monday the selection of LeafLine Labs and Minnesota Medical Solutions to become the registered manufacturers responsible for growing, processing and distributing medical cannabis products as part of the state’s new program.

LeafLine Labs is a Minnesota-based company founded by members of the Bachman gardening business family, two emergency medicine physicians and executives from Theraplant, a Connecticut-based medical cannabis manufacturer.

LeafLine Labs’ manufacturing facility will be located in Cottage Grove. It plans to open an initial distribution center in Eagan on July 1, 2015, with others in Hibbing, St. Cloud and St. Paul on or before July 1, 2016.

The department described Minnesota Medical Solutions (MinnMed) as “a physician-led group composed of doctors, pharmacists, scientists, greenhouse operators, building contractors, educators and other supporters.” It is working with national medical cannabis industry experts for training, consulting and operational procedures.