September 25th Is National Voter Registration Day

Celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of every September – September 25 in 2018 – by thousands of volunteers, organizations, businesses, schools, and election officials from all over the country are celebrating National Voter Registration Day.

With 3,000 community and online partners, and over 10,000 volunteers working in a massive, single-day event, National Voter Registration Day seeks to reach voters who haven’t yet registered or updated their registration in the final weeks before the deadlines. Many nonprofits have felt the energy in the streets and online. This year just seems to feel different. And maybe that’s because Americans are coming to understand that midterms, while not as flashy as the general election, have MAJOR consequences on how they live their life day-to-day. At a state level, there are dozens of governors races that have direct influence on everyday concerns – how much money will be spent on education, the environment, defense? That decision is in their hands and they know it.

At the national level, hundreds of seats in the House and Senate are at the whim of the electorate who want to have a say in how their state is represented in the Federal government, what and how laws will be applied to their daily lives. In short, citizens will determine who runs their state and how their state is represented in Congress. To that end, we want to meet the electorate where they are! And their minds are on the midterm elections. So this year’s message, the one we’d like everyone to support in social media, face-to-face discussions, websites and more is: In 2018, it’s “Midterms on My Terms.”