Mexico City Considers Legalizing Sale Of Marijuana

MEXICO CITY: Leftist lawmakers on Thursday proposed allowing the sale of marijuana within Mexico City, seeking to join Uruguay and Washington and Colorado in creating legal markets for the drug.

The bill is vague on many key points and faces legal hurdles that might be impossible to overcome, but it creates at least the possibility of an island of legalization of one drug in a nation that has been devastated by the fallout from the U.S.-backed fight to stop the northbound flow of recreational narcotics.

Most legislators in the Mexico City assembly haven’t said whether they back the proposal, but the local legislature controlled by the leftist Democratic Revolution Party is the most liberal in Mexico and has previously legalized abortion and gay marriage. Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera supports the plan. [Read more…]

Lawmakers In Mexico City To Consider Legalizing Cannabis Next Month

MEXICO: If marijuana is legalized in the Mexican capital, as the local government proposes, this country would have to review its adherence to the three international drug control treaties, a trail already blazed by other nations. [Read more…]