Mentor Capital Adds Three Cannabis Investments in Two Months

CALIFORNIA: Mentor Capital announced that its investment in G FarmaLabs Limited has increased to $2,700,000 following yesterday’s seventh investment tranche delivered to G Farma of $250,000 from Mentor for additional leased equipment and working capital. In addition to receiving consulting fees, repayment, interest, and lease payments, Mentor has captured a $1 option for a 3.75% equity interest in the G Farma Family of Businesses. Nicole Gonzalez, Founder of G FarmaBrands, comments, “With financial backing from Mentor Capital, G FarmaLabs has hit its benchmarks on the way to building cannabis efficient facilities and production lines.” Ata Gonzalez, Co-Founder of G FarmaLabs concludes, “Chet provides both money and a wealth of knowledge. We feel blessed to have this strategic relationship.”

“Mentor Capital focuses new investment from shareholders and other investors on larger cannabis companies, like G Farma, that have the potential to go public and who may be incubated by Mentor along that path,” explained Mentor Capital, Inc. CEO, Chet Billingsley. “We look to act as a holding company of operating entities, not an investment company, and have no plans to buy cannabis shares from the public market at normal market prices. However, on 24-hour notice and hence at a significant discount, Mentor will buy public shares from marijuana-related consultants, institutions, or accredited investors that Mentor has known for years.”

The Company reports that in the last two months, Mentor has increased its holding in SolisTek to 300,000 shares by the purchase of an additional 90,000 common shares. Mentor recently has purchased 400,000 shares of GB Sciences, Inc. plus an extra 400,000 of their warrants. Mentor also holds from earlier buying activity approximately a combined $240,000 in shares of GW Pharmaceuticals, Plc. and Kush Bottles, Inc.

Mentor Capital Upgraded To OTCQX Best Market

CALIFORNIA: Mentor Capital, an M&A and funding provider for the cannabis and medical marijuana sector, will start to trade on the OTCQX Best Market effective today.

Mentor joins more than twenty companies during 2018 that have upgraded to OTCQX from the OTCQB® Venture Market, according to OTC Markets Group, Inc. U.S. investors can find current financial disclosure and Real-Time Level 2 quotes for the company on as well as other popular financial websites.

Marijuana and Cannabis M&A Company Trades on Top OTC Market Tier

Marijuana and Cannabis M&A Company Trades on Top OTC Market Tier

OTCQX is designed for established, investor-focused U.S. and international companies that have met high financial standards, are current in their financial reporting and have been sponsored by a professional third-party advisor. The OTCQX market is considered by the SEC as an “established public market” for the purpose of determining the public market price when registering securities for resale in equity line financings with the SEC.

“We are delighted to be moving up to OTCQX,” said Chet Billingsley, Chairman and CEO of Mentor Capital, Inc. “When we shifted to the medical marijuana market in 2013 we committed to bring professionalism and integrity to the cannabis sector like we had encountered both in Silicon Valley and while working in cancer related biotech outside of San Diego. We feel adherence to these high standards are signaled by this move to OTC Market’s top tier and represent an advantage to investors. Accordingly, this upgrade is a significant milestone for Mentor Capital and a step towards increasing the liquidity of our stock.”

Mentor Capital Adds $2.3 Million To Cash and Cannabis Investment In 1st Quarter 2018

First Quarter 10-Q Filing for Marijuana and Cannabis M&A Company

CALIFORNIA: Mentor Capital announced that it has filed its quarterly 10-Q filing for the first quarter ended March 31, 2018, with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

For the quarter ended March 31, 2018, Mentor had revenues of $1,016,199 and gross profit of $345,707 with a resulting net loss attributable to Mentor of ($151,704) or (0.7 cents) per share. This is an improvement in revenue from the prior year quarter ended March 31, 2017 revenues of $738,144 and gross profit of $263,896. The net loss attributable to Mentor for the prior year quarter ended March 31, 2017, was ($460,176) or (0.21 cents) per share.

The Mentor Capital, Inc. parent company has no non-affiliate debt and raised $607,098 during the three months ended March 31, 2018, under the authority of an 11 U.S.C. § 1145 order from designees redeeming unexercised warrants that have been called but were not exercised timely. The Company invested $867,130 in cannabis-related companies during the first three months of 2018. The Company maintained a cash balance of $2,655,082 at March 31, 2018, compared to a cash balance and cash in attorney escrow accounts of $1,148,726 at December 31, 2017. The Company closed the quarter ended March 31, 2018, with a book value of $6,586,185 up from $6,346,613 on December 31, 2017.

Mentor Capital, Inc. had approximately 13,086 shareholders reported as of March 31, 2018, with 23,076,676 shares issued. There were 87,456 Series B warrants outstanding at the March 31, 2018 quarter-end strike price of $0.11, 6,316,115 Series D warrants outstanding at a strike price of $1.60 per share, and 689,159 Series H warrants held by an investment bank at a $7.00 per share strike price. No new equity was granted to directors, insiders, consultants or investor relations firms in 2017 or 2018. A long-term 300,000 share repurchase plan was authorized in 2014, and on March 31, 2018, a total of 44,748 shares had been repurchased under the long-term plan. The Company finished the quarter at a closing price of $1.02 per share representing a market capitalization of $23,538,210 compared to a March 31, 2017, quarter-end closing price of $2.24 per share and a corresponding market capitalization of $50,538,771.

On January 23, 2018 the Company received a net payment of $1,758,949 in satisfaction of the Company’s judgment against Bhang Corporation and 117,000 shares of Mentor common stock, originally sold to two Bhang founders, were returned to Mentor in exchange for a payment of $286,719, which was offset from the accrued judgment of $2,045,668.

The Company is managed by Chairman and CEO Chet Billingsley (65), who founded Mentor Capital first as an acquisition partnership in 1985 and was qualified as a Registered Investment Advisor. He received his undergraduate education at West Point before earning a Master’s Degree in Applied Physics at Harvard University. His early career was at General Electric. Treasurer and CFO Lori Stansfield, CPA (58), was most recently Director of Audit Services for a regional CPA firm. She graduated Magna cum Laude in accounting and received a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado. Ms. Stansfield is certified as a public accountant in both Colorado and California. Secretary Robert Meyer (78), director Stan Shaul (53), and director David Carlile (62) are independent directors, and each has been or is a business owner and major shareholder. Altogether, the directors and officers hold a 26.39% fully diluted interest in Mentor Capital with Mr. Billingsley’s interest reported at 20.03% on a fully diluted basis as of May 4, 2018.

The 10-Q includes March 31, 2018 unaudited financials and can be referenced through the SEC’s EDGAR system at

Inputting the company name, Mentor Capital, Inc. or the Company’s CIK code which is 0001599117, will bring up the report. The 10-Q can also be viewed at the Company’s website at the Investor’s Corner section under the SEC Filings tab

Mentor Capital Discusses Opioids Vs. Cannabis at Congressman Rohrabacher Reception

CALIFORNIA: Mentor Capital  met with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of Newport Beach at his reception by the Cannabis Host Committee in San Diego, March 6th, 2017. Mentor CEO Chet Billingsley, nicknamed “The Doc” by the Congressman, outlined in discussion how 20% of the opiate crises and 6,000 annual deaths could be avoided by the projected 20% substitution to legal cannabis from other illegal drugs that would follow a national marijuana legalization. Too much cannabis puts the user to sleep, but too much opiate, heroin or even alcohol can “relax” breathing to zero and overdose death. An additional 6,000 lives are saved by an observed 7% shift from alcohol.

Congressman Rohrabacher spoke to the exclusive group of major cannabis leaders on freedom as a cornerstone American value that is violated whenever a peaceful cannabis user is dragged off to be caged. He jokingly held a Moscow Mule drink in hand and asked how even in this time of Russian hysteria how could this rowdy alcohol be accepted and mellowing cannabis not be. The Congressman also railed against the practice of asset forfeiture being applied against legal cannabis firms without trial or even charges being levied. Reporting on his own Washington, DC cannabis prognosis, he felt that the campaign promise by now President Trump that cannabis use should be governed by the choices of each state, would prevail.

Following the political overview by Congressman Rohrabacher, the founders of the larger cannabis companies met with CEO Billingsley to explore how Mentor may provide public market liquidity and funding for their long-established medical marijuana and adult use cannabis enterprises.

Mentor Capital Awarded $1.5 Million from Bhang Corporation

The Agreement with Bhang Rescinded by Arbitration Panel Due to Bhang’s Breach

CALIFORNIA: Mentor Capital, announced that it has been awarded $1,500,000 plus approximately $375,000 in interest from Bhang Corporation. The Arbitration Panel concluded in the award that, “Bhang breached the Agreement by failing to deliver the shares” required from Bhang under the contract. Mentor’s requested contract rescission for the return of its $1,500,000 investment, made in 2014, was affirmed, and Bhang’s request for damages was entirely denied.

The Panel also clarified and found that, “Mentor Stock was freely traded,” and “Bhang was not fraudulently induced to enter into the Agreement.” Scott Van Rixell and Richard Sellers must return the 117,000 shares they purchased before they may be paid back the purchase price of those shares as part of putting the parties back “in the position they were before the execution of the Agreement.”

Mentor Capital, Inc. CEO, Chet Billingsley, is pleased that this regrettable chapter in the cannabis sector is being brought to a close. “We didn’t ask for damages and I am pleased our funds seemed to have boosted Bhang’s growth. We put up our funding over sixty-days and, hopefully, the repayment by Bhang will also go smoothly. Mentor plans to redeploy those repaid funds with other established cannabis companies that are interested in moving forward with Mentor.”

Mentor Capital clarifies that other than for the payment of the award to Mentor, neither Bhang nor Mentor will have any affiliation with the other in any way nor own any part of each other. Mentor will immediately remove its previous press releases, accompanying logos and similar older references to Bhang as part of the rescission order to ensure there is no suggestion of any continuing interest by Mentor.