142 Oregon Cities And 26 Counties Pass Cannabis Bans

OREGON: Cities and counties across Oregon spent the past two months rushing to adopt temporary bans on medical marijuana dispensaries, after a new state law created a brief window for officials to pass the moratoriums.

By the May 1 deadline, the map of cities and counties with moratoriums on the retail outlets looked like a patchwork quilt spread across the state: 142 of 242 cities and 26 of 36 counties had reported bans to the Oregon Health Authority by Friday, and the agency expects to continue receiving notices of more bans.

The moratoriums are supposed to provide time for communities to come up with their own regulations for the location, business hours and type of marijuana products sold, so even after the prohibitions expire, the state probably will wind up with a hodgepodge of local laws.

Mike McCauley, executive director of the League of Oregon Cities, said Friday that municipalities across the state will be watching how the newly licensed dispensaries operate in cities and counties without moratoriums, such as Bend.

Oregon City Commissioners Approve Short-Term Moratorium On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

OREGON:  As expected, Oregon City commissioners approved a one-year moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries.

The five-member commission unanimously supported the ban on Wednesday.

But the decision was largely window dressing.

The city already has an effective, and so far unchallenged, tool that prohibits dispensaries.

Department of Consumer Protection to discuss “substantive concerns” over medical marijuana

CONNECTICUT: Erik Williams is keeping an eye on the regulations review meeting set for Tuesday. That’s when the Department of Consumer Protection will meet to discuss “substantive concerns” about proposed regulations for Connecticut’s medical marijuana program. [Read more…]