Insurance Coverage For Medical Marijuana On The Horizon, Industry Experts Say

CANADA: Canadians who have been prescribed medical marijuana could one day see their insurance company footing the bill, experts predict, following the introduction of new Health Canada rules that allow for the sale of cannabis oils.

Health Canada announced revamped medical marijuana regulations earlier this month after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that users of the drug should be permitted to consume it in other forms, such as oils and edibles, rather than having to smoke dried buds.

“You’re going to see insurance companies slowly start to creep into the sector,” says Khurram Malik, an analyst at Jacob Securities Inc., noting that the new regulations will allow medical marijuana producers to sell gel caps similar to those made from cod liver oil.

That will allow for more precise dosing, Malik says.

“When you’re trying to smoke a plant you have no idea how much you’re consuming, so that makes doctors a little nervous,” he said.

Novus Reaches Milestone In Providing Affordable Medicinal Marijuana Treatment To Arizona Patients Statewide

ARIZONA:  Novus Acquisition & Development Corp (OTC PINK: NDEV), wholly owned subsidiary Novus Medical Group, Inc., a service provider of the health and wellness savings plan, “Novus MedPlan,” is proud to announce that we have completed our strategic network provider outreach in Arizona. With the awareness that PR Revolution (, a public relations and marketing agency who specializes in the cannabis sector, delivered for Novus at the National Marijuana Business Conference last month, Novus was able to exceed expectations for provider enrollment, connect with new providers and execute agreements with more-than-willing dispensaries and wellness clinics. As a result, Novus MedPlan is now ready to assist patients in more states than ever before.

“We have completed our strategic network provider outreach and geographically aligned ourselves throughout the state of Arizona to ensure all of our members have access to Medical Marijuana Clinics and wellness providers within their region, regardless of where in the state they reside,” said Andrea Lopez, Novus President and CEO. “The Novus team is energized about exceeding provider enrollment in Arizona and is continuing its expansion of our Provider Network in Colorado. We plan to continue to build our provider network to strengthen our footprint throughout the country.”

The Novus MedPlan Program is a revolutionary approach to reducing healthcare costs within the MMJ and wellness industry. Individuals and their families can save money on the cost of healthcare-related products and services that are not covered by standard healthcare programs. Patients’ cost-saving plan will be 20% to 50% off for members of Novus MedPlan, which include: doctors’ consultations, alternative medication and medical marijuana in approved states; all for a low fee of $19.95 per month.