Medical Marijuana Rules On Calgary City Council Agenda

CANADA:  Two Calgary city councillors are calling for land use rules for medical marijuana businesses before the new shops begin opening in the city.

Diane Colley-Urquhart and Gian-Carlo Carra want the city to address issues such as ‘clustering’ or ‘proliferation’ of the businesses and also to ensure there is separation from schools, as there is for liquor stores.

“You can imagine if you have a whole bunch of these in Inglewood for example and then people start lining up, going there, wanting to get access, wanting to see if they would qualify, this can fundamentally change the nature of a neighbourhood with this amount of activity going on,” said Colley-Urquhart.

Some Seattle Medical Marijuana Stores Facing Closure

WASHINGTON:  Hundreds of medical marijuana businesses here face closure because they’re being told to get licenses that don’t legally exist.

Marijuana dispensaries across Seattle began receiving letters last week telling them they need to get a special state license to remain open past next year. The problem? The state hasn’t yet created those state licenses. Seattle has more than 330 medical marijuana businesses, which are less regulated than the city’s handful of licensed recreational pot shops.

The city’s letter is part of a larger effort to bring more regulation to the state’s medical marijuana marketplace. Because the city doesn’t specifically track which businesses are involved in the medical marijuana field, officials aren’t sure how many actually face closure.

“Countless patients who rely on my services will have nowhere to go if my shop is shut down,” Karl Keich, owner of Seattle Medical Marijuana Association, said in a statement. “I have paid more than $150,000 in taxes to the state of Washington and thousands more to the city of Seattle. Not only will this revenue stream be cut off if the city’s plan is implemented, it will also put nine employees out of work.”