Colorado Legal Cannabis By The Numbers 2/2020

COLORADO: Just how big is Colorado’s legal cannabis business?  Here are the official MED numbers, as of February, 2020.   Medical Marijuana Business License Numbers: 435 Centers 462 Cultivations 216 Infused Product Manufacturers 11 Testing Facilities 7 Operators 7 Transporters 1 Research and Development and Research Cultivation  Retail Marijuana Businesses License Numbers: 575 Stores 680 Cultivations 282 Product Manufacturers 13 Testing Facilities Read the full article…

Colorado’s Legal Cannabis Industry: By The Numbers

COLORADO: How big is Colorado’s legal cannabis industry? According to the Colorado Department of Revenue Enforcement Division, there are 675 medical marijuana cultivators supplying 239 infused product manufacturers, with 735 cultivators supplying 549 retail stores in Colorado. Here are the official numbers as of January 2, 2019. Source: MED Resources & Statistics