Legal Pot To Generate $190 Million For Washington: Report

The forecast by the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council showed that $51 million in revenue is expected for the 2015-2017 biennium from marijuana production and sales.

WASHINGTON:  Washington’s new legal recreational marijuana market is expected to bring nearly $190 million to state coffers over a four-year period starting in mid-2015, according to an economic forecast released Wednesday. The forecast by the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council showed that $51 million in revenue is expected for the 2015-2017 biennium from marijuana production Read the full article…

Lawmaker: Growing, Exporting Marijuana Would Pay Off Hawaii’s Debts

“This state would turn into a manufacturing state. Can you imagine factories that would be making ‘Maui Wowie’ cookies and making marijuana macadamia nut candy for export? I think that would be wonderful,” said Cabanilla

HAWAII:  A top Hawaiian lawmaker is calling for the legalization of marijuana in order to pay of billions in state debt and improvements to transportation and public education programs. House Majority Floor Leader Rida Cabanilla is looking to fix roads, affordable housing and sew up some nearly $25 billion in state debt through the manufacturing Read the full article…

Attorney General: Marijuana Legalization Would Save Calif. "Hundreds of Millions"

If California legalized marijuana, the state would save "hundreds of millions of dollars," according to the Attorney General's office.

CALIFORNIA: Forget social justice, equality, and doing the right thing — when it comes to getting it done, politics and policy are all about that money. Backers of marijuana legalization have long argued that ending the war on a plant and lifting prohibition on cannabis means big money for California. And Attorney General Kamala Harris agrees Read the full article…

Colorado Is Asking Taxpayers For $1 Billion To Help Schools

On Tuesday, Colorado will try to address those problems with one of the most ambitious and sweeping education overhauls in the country

COLORADO: In one poor school district in Colorado’s San Luis Valley, students take classes in a bus garage, using plastic sheeting to keep the diesel fumes at bay. In another, there is no more money to tutor young immigrants struggling to read. And just south of Denver, a district where one in four kindergartners is homeless Read the full article…

Workshop To Determine Financial Impact Of Medical Marijuana In Florida

Some pollsters are convinced Amendment 2 will get more than 50 percent of the vote, but fall short of 60.

FLORIDA: Enough signatures have been gathered and certified to have Florida’s Attorney General and Supreme Court review a proposed ballot initiative legalizing the use of medical marijuana.

Marijuana Reform Could Earn UK Billions A Year, Studies Say

“The idea of a regulated drug market for cannabis, or any other drug, is politically a long way away.”

UNITED KINGDOM: Hundreds of users of medical marijuana protested outside Parliament last week to demand changes to Britain’s strict cannabis laws, a move many experts believe could yield billions of pounds in tax revenue and save the government billions in policing costs. Under current law, it is illegal for British citizens to consume or possess Read the full article…