Edibles Fire Sale: Why Pot-Infused Treats Are So Cheap

COLORADO:  While coupons and promotions are all the rage at marijuana shops throughout Colorado, it’s still rare to find aggressively priced deals on pot just 13 months after legal recreational sales first began.

But a looming regulatory deadline has inspired a fire sale on many cannabis-infused edibles — driving more customers to pot shops than normal.

When new regulations take root on Feb. 1, the companies making and selling recreational edibles can only push products that are compliant with the new rules on packaging and serving size. Since many edibles on pot shop shelves will soon be destroyed if they’re not sold in time, the prices are in customers’ favor.

“I’m running a bunch of ads in magazines and newspapers advertising blowout sales, trying to get stuff moving,” said Jamie Perino, who owns the Euflora marijuana stores in Denver and Aurora. “I’d rather run out and have shelves empty than have a bunch of product on the shelves that needs to be destroyed.”