Marijuana Law Creates Confusion But Finds Growing Acceptance In District

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  About 30 party guests wearing suits and summer dresses mingled in the candlelit back yard of a small, private home in the Forest Hills neighborhood in Northwest Washington and snacked on hors d’oeuvres to the sound of jazz. Instead of cocktails, they sipped gourmet coffee and tea infused with marijuana.

In the kitchen, servers poured hot and iced drinks for the tasting party. They were showcasing products from House of Jane, a California-based company that sells cannabis-infused beverages. Jane’s Brew C-Cups were on display in the living room, stacked on a table alongside similarly branded coasters.

“What Jane’s Brew is trying to do is alleviate, remove the stigma for cannabis,” said Jill Amen, the company’s co-founder, who was allowing the guests to sample her products for free. “It can be done in a professional way — just like a cocktail party, a very social event. Because it is a social event.”

This is the new world of marijuana in the nation’s capital, where residents have been able to legally possess, privately consume and grow limited amounts of pot since February.

Olympia WA Advances Recreational Pot Rules

WASHINGTON: The Olympia City Council took a step Tuesday toward approving zoning rules that would exempt new recreational marijuana businesses from the city’s one-year moratorium on pot-related establishments. [Read more…]