Marijuana Company Announces Plans For Worldwide Distribution Ahead Of Historic Marijuana Vote

WASHINGTON: Prohibition Brands, a manufacturer of recreational marijuana products in Washington state, announced its intention to sell marijuana products to any adult in the world.

“I don’t care what the marijuana laws are in your state or country,” said Prohibition Brands CEO Brian Laoruangroch.  “From our new San Francisco offices, we can facilitate distribution of our licensed products nationwide in recreational, medical, and non-legal states.” On November 7th, the day before the election, the company will hold a press conference from its new European Offices announcing its plans to immediately begin licensing, distributing, and advertising worldwide.

“We will now partner with stores, marijuana growers, coffee shops, dispensaries, social clubs, farmers, sponsored athletes, and advertising agencies anywhere in the world regardless of their local laws,” he said. “This is only a taste of what is to come in the next decade. Neither Trump, nor Clinton will do anything about it.  The war on pot is over.  Marijuana Prohibition is coming to an end.”

On November 8th, nine American states will vote to legalize marijuana in America.

Proposed Initiative Seeks To Ban All Marijuana In Montana

MONTANA: A Billings car-dealership owner has proposed a ballot measure that would completely ban the use and possession of marijuana in Montana, even for medical uses.

The proposal by Steve Zabawa would change state law to say any Schedule I drug in the federal Controlled Substances Act “may not be legally possessed, received, transferred, manufactured, cultivated, trafficked, transported or used in Montana.”

The proposal submitted to the Montana Secretary of State’s Office on Thursday aims is to eliminate the disparity between federal and state law in possessing and using marijuana, which is a Schedule I drug, Zabawa said in an email.

Montana and several other states allow the regulated use of marijuana for medical purposes, and about 8,300 medical marijuana users are registered in Montana. Two other states, Washington and Colorado, have approved recreational use of the drug, and federal authorities have not interfered.

Marijuana Ruling Could Signal End of Prohibition on Pot

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: It’s legal to light up in Colorado and Washington, and soon smoking pot could be legalized across the country following a decision Thursday by the federal government. [Read more…]