Washington State Approves First Producer Of Pot Edibles

WASHINGTON:  A Seattle-based company that makes marijuana-infused drinks and candies has become the first business in Washington approved to make edible pot products for the state’s newly opened stores, officials said Wednesday.

Db3 Inc, which will trade under the brand name Zoots, received its license on Tuesday, meaning it can begin growing marijuana and using it to make recreational edibles in an approved commercial kitchen.

State officials said two other companies were awarded processing licenses, but did not yet have approved kitchens.

“This is a landmark day, not only for Db3 as a company, but also for the consumers facing a potential shortage of edible products at retail outlets,” the firm’s president, Michael Devlin, said in a statement.


Dutch Maker Of Medical Marijuana Considers Supplying Canada

CANADA:  A Dutch company is interested in supplying marijuana to Canada’s medical pot users, a service currently provided by a Saskatoon company with an operation in Flin Flon, Man., near the Saskatchewan border.

Bedrocan B.V. has been producing medical-grade marijuana for the government of the Netherlands for six years. The company is contemplating bidding for a similar contract with Canada. [Read more…]

MJ Freeway Releases Software for Marijuana Infusers

COLORADO: MJ Freeway today announced the debut of a new software solution designed exclusively for marijuana processors and infused marijuana product manufacturers.

MixTracker is the only software currently available that enables infusers to precisely control, monitor and log the ingredients they use to manufacture marijuana-infused products, such as edibles and extracts. Infused products typically include marijuana from multiple batches or lots, each with potentially different yields, so the manufacturing and tracking processes are often complicated and error-prone.

MixTracker simplifies and automates the entire manufacturing process, giving infusers a much needed, integrated solution that precisely tracks and controls recipe inventories, while providing robust batch tracking, cost analysis, compliance reporting and end-user labeling data. [Read more…]