Dispensaries Shake Up Chances For Marijuana Legalization In Arizona In 2016

ARIZONA:  The chances of a successful marijuana-legalization initiative in Arizona for 2016 appear to have diminished due to fighting among two competing political groups.

As we reported on March 27, the Marijuana Policy Project of Arizona was surprised by the sudden launch of a competing 2016 campaign by their chairperson, Dr. Gina Berman.

A leaked online survey shows that a coalition of Arizona medical-marijuana dispensaries are backing Berman’s group.

Arizona Marijuana-Legalization Campaign For 2016 Ballot Measure Becomes Official

ARIZONA:  Proponents of a 2016 citizens’ initiative in Arizona that aims to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older filed paperwork with the state on Thursday, the first step in their campaign.

The Marijuana Policy Project of Arizona initiative still has a long way to go before becoming a law. But if it’s successful, it would reverse about 80 years of marijuana prohibition in Arizona, raise millions in tax revenue and potentially end black-market sales of the plant.

The downsides: We’ll let you know if we think of any.

“The goal is obviously the legalization of adult use of marijuana in Arizona,” says Andrew Myers, a spokesperson for the Marijuana Policy Project who helped lead the state’s successful 2010 initiative legalizing medical marijuana. “Specifics are still up in the air.”