Introducing The American Cannabis Nurses Association

As cannabis use becomes more widely accepted by various sectors of U.S. society, health care practitioners are moving way past the belief that there’s no evidence to support cannabis as medicine. That position, once adopted by the federal government, is now old news as evidenced by a patent on medical uses of pot filed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Cannabis, both as a recreational agent and as a medicine, is thoroughly upon us, and now health officials are responding.

One such response can be seen in the formation of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. If you’ve been to a hospital, you know that even though medical doctors rank highest on the caregiver food chain, nurses are the ones who provide the most patient care and develop the closest relationships with patients.  Nurses understand that, like it or not, cannabis use is widespread. Additionally, a fast-growing body of science is developing as researchers plumb the complexities of cannabis, probing into the nature and activity of the various cannabinoids

Started by a small group of nurses and other health care practitioners, the American Cannabis Nurses Association formed to better understand “endocannabinoid therapeutics.” This refers to cannabinoids from outside of our bodies, as we manufacture our own cannabinoids internally. The source of endocannabinoids is cannabis, aka marijuana.