Missouri Mom Pushes For Marijuana Law To Aid Son

MISSOURI: Tres Johnson wasn’t expected to live through his first day. Ten years later, his mother calls him “our little miracle,” but says medical marijuana could greatly improve her child’s life. Now, Brandy Johnson is joining the effort to decriminalize marijuana in Missouri.

Tres, of Bernie, Mo., was born with diprosopus, which is Greek for “two faces.” It is commonly referred to as cranial duplication. The Dexter Daily Statesman reports that there are just 35 known cases throughout the world. Most infants with the disease are stillborn. Only a few survive more than minutes or hours after birth. Tres recently celebrated his 10th birthday.

He’s inquisitive, enjoys toys, likes discovering new places. But life isn’t easy. Tres has severe epilepsy. Brandy Johnson said that in the past he suffered up to 120 seizures per day. Four to six times per week the seizures are so severe that Tres has to be resuscitated.
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Coming Out of the Pot Closet, Part II: A Family Affair

Mom shows up with the usual bag of groceries – coffee creamer, toilet paper and packaged lunch meat. What every single woman lives on.  I lead her into the kitchen where I set the bag down.  We settle into my small but adorable living room, sip flavored coffee and catch up on the latest family gossip. My cousin is unwed and knocked up, she says, with a gleen in her eye, thankful it isn’t one of her kids.

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