Some Upset Over Pot Smokers On Vancouver Patio

WASHINGTON:  A local restaurant and shop is pushing the legal envelope, by allowing customers to smoke pot in a designated spot on its patio.

The management at Mint Tea said they’ve had a cannabis-friendly tent set up for a while, and it’s become more popular now that legal retail marijuana is being sold just a few blocks away on Main Street.

“We’re just offering a safe place for people to come and chill out, take their time to relax and have some good food,” said Mint Tea Chef Josh Simpson.

Monday during lunchtime, several people smoked pot on the patio, right off the sidewalk in front of the Mint Tea. Two men on a business trip from Texas said Washington is on the cutting edge of progress for marijuana, and this was part of it.

Halifax Medical Marijuana Lounge Opening This Weekend

CANADA:  Halifax’s first marijuana lounge is officially opening on Gottingen Street this weekend amid questions of its legality.

The lounge is called Farm Assists and while it welcomes medical marijuana users, smoking is not allowed.

Users can use a vaporizer, which doesn’t create smoke. The people must be licensed to use medical marijuana.

The front of the store is filled with display cases featuring bongs and marijuana accessories. A lounge area is just beyond that.