Marijuana-Laced Foods Are Reaching A New High

There are millions of recipes for granola, but few involve a gram scale.

The scale is one of the first things that Stephany Gocobachi and Akhil Khadse bring out when they start a batch of medicated granola for Flour Child, their new enterprise. As the oven in their sunny Tendernob studio preheats, Gocobachi, a bright-eyed, voluble 25-year-old, weighs a minuscule amount of powdery green hashish, then tips it into a small saute pan of oil, raw sugar and maple syrup. Slowly, gently, she heats it up to convert the THCA in the cannabis resin into the psychoactive molecule THC.

Then she pours the potent mixture over organic rolled oats and seeds.

These days, anyone with a prescription for medical marijuana can shop for cannabis edibles in enough forms to stock a 7-Eleven: honeys, peanut butters, smoothies, ice creams, caramels, gummy bears, chocolates — not to mention the more traditional cookies and brownies. Most, to be frank, are functional foods targeted toward stoners — sugary and mind-blowingly potent.