Marijuana Commission Proposes $125,000 Grower Fees

MARYLAND:  Running a medical marijuana operation could cost each grower more than $125,000 a year in fees, a sum so steep some officials believe it may shut out small businesses.

Maryland’s medical marijuana commission is tentatively proposing that fee for each of the 15 potential growers envisioned for the state’s new program. The panel also is recommending a $40,000-a-year charge for dispensaries, according to a draft plan expected to be released for public comment Wednesday.

Those license fees — atop as much as $6,000 in application fees — would finance the state’s nascent medical marijuana program.

“It is simply a reflection that the General Assembly has put the operation of this on the growers and the dispensaries, and ultimately upon the patients,” he said. “There is no taxpayer money, according to the General Assembly, that is going to finance this.”