Oregon Recruiting 11 Recreational Marijuana Inspectors

OREGON:  The day when recreational marijuana will be available for purchase in Oregon is fast approaching. At the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, jobs are being created to get ready for implementing recreational marijuana policies.

Some context: On Oct. 1, medical marijuana dispensaries in most areas will begin selling some kinds of marijuana products to consumers. On Jan. 4, the state will begin accepting permit applications for marijuana businesses. Oregonians voted to legalize recreational marijuana through Measure 91, which passed in 2014.

Measure 91 brought Oregon an entirely new industry with its own new kinds of jobs. It’s impossible to say how many private sector jobs have been created from the marijuana market so far in Oregon. In the public sector, several dozen jobs have been created.

The OLCC is hiring 11 marijuana compliance specialists around the state to monitor and enforce regulations as well as train individuals on the licensing process. The positions pay $3,610 to $5,277 a month, and applications are due Sept. 1. Eight of the positions are permanent and three are temporary.