Oregon ‘Marijuana Anonymous’ Attendees Ponder Legalized Pot

OREGON:  Joseph is a self-declared marijuana addict. He says he rolled his first joint when he was 16, and ended up smoking marijuana regularly for 35 years. Now, he has been clean for 10 years.

But the tone of his voice is less than triumphant as he shares his thoughts at a weekly Marijuana Anonymous group that meets at a space in downtown Eugene.

“I feel really vulnerable now,” Joseph says. “Now (marijuana) is legal, and there are green crosses all over town.”

It has been several weeks since medical marijuana dispensaries opened their doors statewide for the legal sale of recreational marijuana. But in the tight-knit Marijuana Anonymous group, which draws eight or more people each week, people are still processing what influence the rollout could have on their lives.

In many ways, the group could pass for any weeknight gathering. Professionals and blue-collar, men and women, the attendees mingle in casual conversation before their meeting, talking about a recent football game at Autzen Stadium, the latest Netflix HBO series and the weather.