Police Fine Church Member Who Brought Marijuana To Park

RHODE ISLAND:  Three members of a church that uses marijuana in its ceremonies have been ticketed for possessing a controlled substance at Roger Williams National Memorial.

Police moved in Tuesday and issued $100 citations after members of the West Greenwich-based Healing Church lit a glass pipe they referred to as a chalice.

Anne Armstrong, deaconess of church, says they believe the police action was akin to “storm troopers bursting into a Catholic church while they were distributing Holy Communion.”

Church members have been praying at the memorial this week and have received a permit to hold a service there on Saturday.

Whoops: Indiana’s Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Act Opens The Door For The First Church of Cannabis

INDIANA:  In a classic case of “unintended consequences,” the recently signed Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in Indiana may have opened the door for the establishment of the First Church of Cannabis in the Hoosier State.

While Governor Mike Pence (R) was holding a signing ceremony for the bill allowing businesses and individuals to deny services to gays on religious grounds or values, paperwork for the First Church of Cannabis Inc. was being filed with the Secretary of State’s office, reports RTV6.

Church founder Bill Levin announced on his Facebook page that the church’s registration has been approved, writing, “Status: Approved by Secretary of State of Indiana – “Congratulations your registration has been approved!” Now we begin to accomplish our goals of Love, Understanding, and Good Health.”

Levin is currently seeking $4.20 donations towards his non-profit church.

Is It Moral To Use Marijuana Recreationally? Portland-Area Faith Leaders Weigh In

OREGON:  Recreational marijuana might be legal in Oregon come July 2015, but is smoking pot moral?

That’s a question many Oregonians of faith are already wrestling with, including religious leaders in the Portland area.

While some faith leaders surveyed in the aftermath of Measure 91‘s passage took a stand against any recreational drug use, most identified the issue of pot as a moral gray area that hinges on the distinction between moderation and abuse.

To complicate things, leaders said “to use or not to use?” isn’t just a question of personal consequences — people of faith have an obligation to consider how their actions affect and tempt others.


Easter On 4/20, Pot Holy Day; Pastors Reach Out

CALIFORNIA: Social media has been buzzing for weeks with jokes about how, this year, Easter Sunday shares the calendar with the pot-lover’s highest holiday: April 20, or 420 in stoner lingo. Pot-smokers have long celebrated on the date by lighting up for reasons not quite clear.

Yet amid the online cracks about worshipping a “higher” power, tutorials on how to make a joint shaped like a cross and photos of Easter baskets piled with pot-filled eggs, a handful of churches nationwide are using the unfortunate coincidence to make much bigger points.

In the Highland Park (no kidding) neighborhood of Los Angeles, a church is using medical marijuana imagery and catchy word play to attract new worshippers to an Easter sermon series called “Medicated,” about seeking fulfillment through God, not drugs. And across the country, in Mississippi, a church is hosting a massive concert to denounce marijuana legalization with the title “Reverse 420: God Keeps Me High.”