Marijuana + Sushi = Bizarre Local-TV Spot For Medical Marijuana Service

In the spot, which Medical Cannabis Network created itself, the slick dealer pulls raw fish from his coat, saying: "I got tuna, I got salmon, I got sweet shrimp. I got the finest sashimi this area has seen in years."

NEW JERSEY: Medical Cannabis Network, a website pairing patients with doctors willing to recommend medical marijuana, is rolling out a cable TV blitz in New Jersey starting this weekend. The ad, which depicts a dealer slinging sushi from his leather jacket, is aimed at doctors and patients, according to Jason Draizin, founder of Medical Cannabis Network. Read the full article…

Limits On Marijuana Advertising Land Colorado In Court

Under Colorado law, recreational marijuana shops cannot advertise on television and radio, over the Internet, or in print publications unless they can establish that no more than 30 percent of the targeted audience is under the age of 21.

COLORADO: Two publications have sued Colorado in federal court over restrictions that prohibit the state’s legalized recreational marijuana industry from advertising on television, radio, online or in most print publications. High Times magazine, which caters to marijuana enthusiasts, and Westword, a Colorado alternative weekly newspaper, said in a suit filed this week in U.S. District Court Read the full article…

These 5 Pro-Marijuana Billboards Are Set To Surround The Super Bowl

One of five billboards advocating the use of marijuana, and, in some cases, attacking football just miles from the game’s biggest stage.

NEW JERSEY:  The freeways surrounding MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. are about to be plastered with five billboards advocating the use of marijuana, and, in some cases, attacking football just miles from the game’s biggest stage. Washington and Colorado are the only two states to have legalized marijuana, so the Marijuana Policy Project, an organization Read the full article…

Colorado Pot Shops Banned From Advertising

Advertising experts say that until the entire industry has a reasonable level of clarity in regards to the regulations surrounding marijuana marketing, “potrepreneurs,” are on their own.

COLORADO:  The legalization of recreational pot in Colorado means big business, and with big business comes cutthroat competition and the desperate need for cost effective advertising. However, many marijuana marketers are finding out that their advertising dollars are worthless in the commercial world, as many new media outlets simply will not allow businesses dealing in cannabis to Read the full article…

Who Will Win Colorado's Marijuana Ad Dollars?

Marijuana ads on billboards, taxi decals, and fliers, meanwhile, are banned under the new regulations.

COLORADO: Colorado, which decriminalized recreational marijuana last year, has become the first state to publish retail sales and marketing regulations for the virgin weed market. The new laws, detailed this week in a 136-page document, may help steer pot shop ad dollars to an unlikely beneficiary: old-school print media.

Colorado Hashes Out Weed Advertising Rules

Colorado weed vendors will be able to advertise on statewide television, radio, and newspapers, though they'll be subject to certain constraints.

COLORADO: The Colorado Department of Revenue this week released a 136-page document detailing how the state will regulate retail sales and marketing of recreational marijuana.The document, published Tuesday, makes clear that weed vendors will be able to advertise on statewide television, radio, and newspapers, though they’ll be subject to certain constraints. Both Colorado and Washington decriminalized the recreational use of Read the full article…

Marijuana Doesn't Just Sell Itself, As Marketers Face Resistance From Google, Media Companies

Judges can, and in cannabis cases often do, void contracts for violating federal policy.

NEW YORK: In spite of what you may think, legal pot doesn’t just sell itself, marijuana’s marketers are finding.

Marijuana Entrepreneur Plans $100 Million 'Marlboro of Weed' Brand With Irreverent Ad

Laoruangroch is telling potential investors he envisions his brand as “the marijuana version of a Marlboro cigarette.”

WASHINGTON:  It looks like the kind of late-night commercial meant for people taking bong rips between “Family Guy” reruns. To a Seattle weed entrepreneur, however, the two-minute ad above is the first step toward building a $100 million marijuana empire.

Ad for Weed Gets Pulled Outside Indy Motor Speedway

Pro Pot "Beer Ad" pulled from Indianapolis Motor Speedway

INDIANA: A first of its kind advertisement promoting marijuana started running outside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Friday but nearly as soon as it started running on a mobile Jumbotron, it got pulled. In a place where advertisements soar through the air and speed past fans, one ad outside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was racing itself, to Read the full article…