High Hopes: The Marijuana Movement's 2014 Playbook

Keith Stroup and the NORML team at High Times Cannabis Cup Seattle 2013.

After years in the political wilderness, marijuana lobbyists find themselves in a strange position as 2014 approaches: Suddenly their power and support are growing, lawmakers are courting them, and the prospects look brighter to build on major progress the movement made in 2012. Last year, voters in Colorado and Washington legalized recreational use of marijuana, Read the full article…

Billionaire Peter Lewis, Marijuana Legalization Advocate, Dies At 80

Lewis also had a personal reason for publicly backing marijuana.

FLORIDA:  Peter Lewis, chairman of Progressive Insurance, died on Saturday afternoon at his home in Coconut Grove Florida apparently due to natural causes. He had just celebrated his 80th birthday on November 11.

Sensible BC Gaining Momentum

Claire Landsell is coordinating the Sensible BC petition for marijuana law reform for the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky Riding. They need 10 per cent of registered voters to sign the petition to have a referendum on the reforms.

CANADA:  Sensible BC‘s Dec. 5 deadline is rapidly approaching and the number of signatures collected this month in the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky riding — as well as the rest of the province — has been very encouraging for the campaign’s organizers. “There’s been tremendous momentum,” said Mark Vaughan, lead organizer for the riding. “It Read the full article…

Portland’s Pot Vote Could Make It A Gateway City For Maine

"There's five states where we're lobbying in the state legislatures, and then five states where we think it's likely that we'll be able to pass ballot initiatives," Kampia says. "This will all be over the course of four years."

MAINE: It’s been a big year in the marijuana legalization movement. Not only did Colorado and Washington voters make marijuana legal last November, but this week Coloradans approved a ballot measure to tax marijuana sales. Also this week, Michigan voters in three cities removed penalties for possession. And in Portland, Maine, voters passed by an Read the full article…

Group Installs Billboard Backing Legal Marijuana In Kansas

The push for legalization has also received support from a prominent senior citizens' group, although they are only supporting legalized pot only for medicinal use.

KANSAS: A local group has taken to a very public way to push for legalized marijuana. Fire It Up Kansas recently paid for an ad on a digital billboard near the Kansas Star Casino demanding the state legislature to legalize, tax and regulate the sale of marijuana.

Cannabis Museum Opens In Dunedin, New Zealand

New Zealand's first Cannabis Museum Opens.

NEW ZEALAND: New Zealand’s first dedicated cannabis museum has opened its doors the public in Dunedin today. Dubbed Whakamana, the one-room museum will record the history of cannabis use in New Zealand and use a mannequin to show onlookers how to smoke ‘spots’.

Boulder Police Said They Will Ticket Those Who Smoke At Monday Marijuana Giveaway

Marijuana Activist is shocked my his own arrest

COLORADO: Boulder police said that while the free marijuana giveaway on the Pearl Street Mall today is legal, officers will be on hand and will ticket anyone who decides to light up at the event.