First Entirely Fee-Free Medical Marijuana Clinic To Open In South Western Ontario

CANADA:  Canadian Cannabis Clinics (CCC), a new medical clinic focusing on medical marijuana as a treatment option, will open in St. Catharines on September 16, 2014 and will be the first of its kind to operate with zero patient fees.

With the recent implementation of the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), medical marijuana has become a legitimate treatment option for many Canadians. However, most doctors with expertise in this field charge up to $400 annually for a prescription or other mandatory services.

“Medical marijuana has the potential to improve the lives of so many Canadians,” said Joseph del Moral, Director of Canadian Cannabis Clinics. “But the costs being imposed by clinics specializing in this field are putting it out of reach for many. With the opening of this clinic, and future locations, we will be making medical marijuana more accessible to those patients considering it as a treatment option.”

Canadian Cannabis Clinics has also partnered with Canada’s leading medical marijuana resource and counselling service, CanvasRx, to educate and inform patients about medical cannabis options. Selecting strains best suited for a patient’s needs, and completing the paperwork necessary to register with one of Canada’s licensed medical marijuana producers can be complex, so CanvasRx provides free, in-person consultations, and an easy-to-use website (, to help patients through all stages of the process.


Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. Recalls Batch Of White Widow Due To Mould

CANADA:  A B.C.-based medical marijuana producer is recalling a batch of pot after finding that it was contaminated with mould.

Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. says it detected the mould in Lot 0004 of its White Widow strain of marijuana after two customers complained about its appearance. Anyone who received that batch of White Widow — which is also referred to as White Shark and Peace-Maker on the company’s website — should stop using it, the company said.

Health Canada, which licences marijuana producers under its Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, says the company will send out appropriate packaging and a postage paid shipping container to anyone wishing to return the tainted product.

Health Canada says most mould does not present a significant health risk, but can cause infections in those whose immune systems have been weakened by serious illnesses.


New Medical Marijuana Rule About To Face Lawsuit

CANADA: Longtime Fraser Valley marijuana crusader John Conroy is finalizing a lawsuit accusing Ottawa of infringing on the rights of medical pot users and growers.

He and a handful of other lawyers working on the lawsuit to be filed in Federal Court within weeks have reviewed more than 3,000 victim impact statements from across the country to pick the 15 best representatives. [Read more…]

With Medicinal Cannabis, Green Is The New Grey In Canada

CANADA: It is a characteristic of all legal systems that the “letter of the law” doesn’t always reflect the “spirit of the law”. There are situations where fulfilling the law’s intention betrays the law as written, and obeying the law as written betrays its intention. This is a legal grey area, and the “you are here” sign applies to almost anyone that has had any contact with medicinal cannabis, including government regulators. [Read more…]