Iowa Medical-Marijuana Proponent Dies Of Cancer

IOWA: One of Iowa’s clearest voices on behalf of legalized medical marijuana has died before she could see her efforts succeed.

Lori Tassin, 44, of Des Moines was a regular presence at the Statehouse last spring, button-holing legislators and testifying about why she and other ill Iowans should have the right to try marijuana. She died Friday of the cancer she’d been fighting for five years.

Tassin contended that many other medications doctors prescribe routinely are vastly more dangerous than marijuana.  At a Senate hearing in February, she unfolded a multi-page insert that came with her chemotherapy drug. The document listed numerous possible side effects of the drug, which she was taking for the tumors that had spread from her lungs to her brain. “Tell me that’s not pretty scary to look at,” she said, holding up the lengthy document for the senators to see.