Libertarian Party Chairman Debates Arizona’s Marijuana Legalization


ARIZONA: QallOut, a first of its kind online debating platform, hosted a live head-2-head video debate between Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark and party member Vann Gutier last Sunday. The two debated the issue of marijuana legalization and specifically Arizona Proposition 205, which would legalize the possession and consumption of marijuana for Arizonans over the age of 21 if passed. Read the full article…

Paul Finds Unlikely Support From Marijuana Advocates

National Cannabis Industry Association gave $5,000. Its executive director and federal lobbyist added another $2,000, according to a tally by the Center for Responsive Politic

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA :Among the top contributors to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential campaign are the usual suspects — a financial management firm, a real estate developer, a manufacturer of hand tools. But Paul also is getting significant support from an unlikely source for a conservative Republican — the marijuana industry. The Marijuana Policy Project Read the full article…

Libertarian NJ State Senate Candidate Arrested At Marijuana Legalization Rally

DeZarn promotes the full legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana sales in New Jersey. At the end of his press conference he smoked part of a marijuana cigarette.

NEW JERSEY: The Libertarian candidate for state Senate in the 14th District was arrested on marijuana possession charges in Philadelphia on Saturday, his second pot arrest in four months.