Bowing To Criticism, Florida Health Regulators Agree To Delay Legal Pot Distribution Rule

FLORIDA:  Health regulators will almost certainly delay a rule that will eventually create the framework for the state’s new medical marijuana industry after an outcry from a legislative panel saying the proposed regulation went too far.

At what was expected to be the Department of Health’s final day-long hearing on the proposed rule Friday, Office of Compassionate Use Director Linda McMullen told a packed conference room that changes are likely.

“We’ve had many, many written comments, all of which have been helpful,” McMullen said, mentioning the letter from the Legislature’s Joint Administrative Procedures Committee, or JAPC, issued earlier this week. The missive challenged the health department’s authority regarding nearly every aspect of the proposed rule.

JAPC, which oversees state regulations, will have to certify that the health department responded to its questions before a revised rule can be filed, McMullen said. The agency will file the notice of the changed rule at least 21 days prior to adopting the new regulation.